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Facility Management

Facility Management
Facility Management
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Carts and Trucks
Carts and Trucks

LITTLE GIANT Steel Deck Platform Trucks
LITTLE GIANT Heavy-Duty Platform Trucks
LITTLE GIANT Welded Service Carts
Pail Pal Utility Bucket Cart
Xtra Carts
Structural Foam Tilt Trucks
Triple Trolley
Foodservice & Restock Carts
Forkliftable Heavy Duty Work Platform DISCONTINUED
Forkliftable Work Platform/Tool Locker
Ladder Cart
Single and Dual Cylinder Dollies
Standard Duty Cube Trucks
Standard Platform Trucks 48" x 24"
Standard Platform Trucks 60" x 30"
Plastic Service Carts
Traffic Control
Traffic Control

Post/Bollard Sleeves 4.5 Inch
Post/Bollard Sleeves 7 Inch
Aerosol Striping Machine
Rollmaster Striping Machine
Plastic Chain Barrier
Ultra -ADA Pads
Traffic Cones
Floor Safety Signs
Rubbermaid Mobile Barrier
Versa-Guard Expanding Portable Barricade
Traffic Steel Modular Guard Rail System
PolyTough™ Stencils
Building Protection
Building Protection

Plastic Column Protector
Plastic Premium Column Protector
Heavy-Duty Magnet Makes Installation Quick and Easy
Plastic Corner Guards
Plastic Wall Guards
Poly-Cade Barrier
Post Sleeves
Post/Bollard Sleeves 4.5 Inch
Post/Bollard Sleeves 7 Inch
Plastic Short Column Protector DISCONTINUED
General Plant Maintenance
General Plant Maintenance

55 Gallon Heavy Metal Dome Top Drum Covers
30 Gallon Heavy Metal Dome Top Barrel & Drum Covers
Rubbermaid GroundsKeeper Smoking Management Receptacles
Rubbermaid BRUTE Dolly
Rubbermaid BRUTE Square Container
BRUTE Rollout Containers
Rubbermaid Container Liners
BRUTE Round Containers 20 Gallon
BRUTE Round Containers 32 Gallon
BRUTE Round Containers 44 Gallon
BRUTE Round Containers 55 Gallon
BRUTE Round Containers Lids
BRUTE Round Containers Dome Top
Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Utility/Service Carts
Rubbermaid Mobile Collection Recycling Container
Rubbermaid Ranger Classic 35 Gallon Container with Door
Rubbermaid Ranger Classic 45 Gallon Container with Door
Rubbermaid Rotomolded Tilt Truck
Box of Rags better than paper towels
Industrial Portable Steps
Kimwipes EX-L
Fluorescent Lamp Compactor
70 Degree Self-Dumping Steel Hoppers
Mobile Two-Step Stepstool
Wypall® X60 X70 Industrial Wipers
Scrubs In-a-Bucket® Hand Cleaner Towels
Digital Pocket Thermometer
Forkliftable Work Platform/Tool Locker
Drum Cover With Self Closing Door
Plastic Salvage Drums
Plastic Salvage Drums

Poly Overpack Salvage Drum
Wheeled barrels
Ultra Tech barrels
95 Gallon Plastic Ultra-Overpack Salvage Drums

CornCob Socks
Extractor Standard
Absorbent Socks for Containing and Absorbing Spills and Leaks
Absorbent Pillows Soak Up Big Spills
Versatile Absorbent Pads Tackle Every Kind of Spill
Absorbent DrumTop Pads Keeps Drums Clean
Drip Pans Keep Workplaces Drip-Free
Oil Only Absorbent Booms
Premium 15" x 19" Hazmat Single-Weight Pad Absorbent
Gray Universal Absorbent Rolls
Maximizer Cellulose Absorbent Roll
Hazardous Spill Absorbent Roll
Super Sorbent Loose Sorbent
Acid Neutralizing Sorbent
All-In-One SurvivorSeries™ Mat
Drip, Rip and Go™ Tablet
STARPOWER® Super Cleaner/Degreaser™
Drum-Wic Removes Water from Drum Tops
Universal and Outdoor Drip Pan

The Right Products for Protection and Efficient Operations

It takes a lot to make a facility run smoothly. BayTec Containers can help. We offer a wide range of products for building protection, carts and hand trucks, waste management necessities, traffic control products, and general warehouse management needs.

Building Protection

  • Column Protectors- What happens if a 7,000 lb forklift runs into a column in your warehouse? Premium column protectors from BayTec Containers cushion the blow. What's more, these column protectors come in a range of sizes and assemble in 5 minutes with no tools required.

  • Barricades- In some places, barriers are necessary for traffic control, crowd control, safety areas, restricted areas, or no-parking areas. This protection is frequently used in factories, airports, construction sites, and in an area that requires separation from regular traffic.

  • Post Sleeves and Wall Guards - Cover surfaces that could be chipped or damaged with post sleeves - high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for resistance to all weather conditions - or wall guards that feature unique energy absorbing high-density polyethylene construction.

  • Cable Protection - Don't leave cables exposed to pedestrians who could fall over them or to vehicle traffic, protect them! BayTec Containers offers a cable protection system that provides full protection for cables. S-curves are easily made while maintaining a completely flat profile. Simple snap-in assembly, no tools or cutting required. Cables can be left in the system and coiled around a three-foot diameter for the ultimate in portability, or left in place indefinitely.

  • Carts and Hand Trucks

  • Carts - Our heavy gauge steel as well as our plastic carts are sturdy and reliable - offered in a range of styles and sizes. Our Little Giant® all-welded, heavy-gauge steel carts feature a tough, powder-coated finish for greater strength, durability, and longevity. Optional features include a retaining lip to help prevent objects from falling off the cart while being moved. Available in sizes as large as 30" x 60". Need a locking door on your cart to protect instruments or equipment? See our selection of Rubbermaid® carts.

  • Trucks - Available in a range of sizes with capacities from 300 lbs to 2100 lbs, these tough trucks are up to the tasks in your facility. Choose the right truck for waste collection, material transport, laundry management, and more.

  • Vending and Appliance Trucks

  • Trucks for heavy duty tasks can transport loads up to 1800 lbs. Need to move a vending machine or other tall cargo? Consider this truck HDVS-72. Check out our full selection and find the truck designed for heavy loads that meet your needs.

  • General Warehouse Maintenance

  • Oil Safe Lubrication System Containers - Designed for proper storage and easy use, opaque semi-transparent containers allow liquid levels to be monitored. Heavy walled, high-density polyethylene construction for use in industrial environments provide a service temperature range of -40° F to 176° F.

  • Maintenance Platforms and Step Stools in a range of sizes help get you to the right height to perform maintenance tasks in your facility. Made for industrial use, they are sturdy and reliable.

  • Utility Carts in a range of sizes hold up to 750 lbs but are lightweight and maneuverable to facilitate facility maintenance projects. Rubbermaid® Heavy-Duty Utility/Service Carts are made of sturdy structural foam construction they won't rust, dent, chip, or peel. Rounded corners help protect walls and furniture.

  • Industrial Wipes, Hand Cleaner Towels and Wiping Cloths are industrial strength to handle tough maintenance tasks.

  • Ultra-Ever Dry top coat and bottom coat work together to keep moisture away because many products fail from moisture, water, oil or simply getting too dirty for continued use. This superhydrophobic coating can extend the life of work gloves and other PPE, electric motors by preventing moisture on the windings, coat nuts, and bolts to prevent corrosion, coat tools, equipment, and virtually any item that needs to be kept dry, corrosion free, de-iced, uncontaminated or clean. Protective wear (sold separately) must be worn when applying Ultra-Ever Dry.

  • Container Liners by Rubbermaid® is available in 32 and 50-gallon sizes. Ideal for janitorial, housekeeping, and everyday use.

  • Traffic Control

  • Expanding, Portable Barricades, Traffic Cones, and Floor Safety Signs help keep pedestrian and vehicle traffic in designated areas. Made for industrial use to help you control traffic flow and keep it away from wet or potentially dangerous areas.

  • Striping Machines, Paint, and Extra Rollers - Mark your warehouse or parking lot with 2" - 4" lines of durable paint to designate traffic areas.

  • Vinyl Safety Marking Tape and Applicator - Keep traffic flow where you want it with durable vinyl marking tape, available in two color combinations: black/yellow or red/white. Applicator handles tape widths from 0.75" to 4" and 3" diameter.

  • Waste Management

  • Heavy-duty Hoppers - capacities range from 2,000 to 6,000 lbs. Heavy-duty self-dumping steel hoppers automatically dump at a 70° angle when the bumper release makes contact with the side of the dumpster (also includes a cable for manual operation). Heavy Duty Hopper returns to an upright and locked position automatically after it dumps.

  • Rubbermaid® Container Liners help keep waste storage and disposal under control. LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene), liners are available ranging in size from 20-gallon to 55-gallon capacities.

  • Rubbermaid® Brute® Dollies - When you need to move a Brute® container, your job can be easier if you have a dolly. Need a trainable dolly? We have one of those, too.

  • Smoking Receptacles - help keep your smoking areas clean, not littered with cigarette butts. Rubbermaid® GroundsKeeper® receptacles in a choice of styles feature a hygienic, easy-to-service, steel canister. A steel base adds weight for stability and discourages theft.

  • Waste Containers, Lids, and Trucks by Rubbermaid® are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to help you manage your waste control operations.

  • Lamp and Can/Bottle Recycling Containers - Recycle properly, starting by placing items in an appropriate container.
  • What our customers say:


    42 Gallon Barrel, Used Soda Drum
    42 Gallon Barrel, Used Soda Drum

    Regular price: $69.95
    Sale Price $35.95

    55 Gallon Green Rain Barrel<br>SOLD OUT
    55 Gallon Green Rain Barrel

    Regular price: $129.98
    Sale Price $74.98

    55 Gal Tan Rain Barrel <br><strong><font color="#008000"><font face="Times Roman" size="3">Free Shipping</font></strong>
    55 Gal Tan Rain Barrel
    Free Shipping

    Regular price: $129.98
    Sale Price $74.98

    New 55 Gal Water Barrel
    New 55 Gal Water Barrel

    Regular price: $129.95
    Sale Price $99.95

    55 Gallon  Plastic Drums Used Reconditioned  Open-head
    55 Gallon Plastic Drums Used Reconditioned Open-head

    Regular price: $69.95
    Sale Price $44.95

    Used 55 Gal Water Drum with Faucet<br><strong><font color="#FF0000"><font face="Times Roman" size="1">Free Shipping</font></strong>
    Used 55 Gal Water Drum with Faucet
    Free Shipping


    Facility Management