Water Storage tanks by Poly-Mart® | 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty |

Water Storage tanks by Poly-Mart®  | 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty |
Water Storage tanks by Poly-Mart®  | 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty |
Water Storage Tanks by Poly-Mart®

Water Storage Tanks – Poly-Mart® manufactures a product line of Water Storage Tanks in Austin, Texas. Our Water Tanks are available in the following gallon sizes: 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 500, 1000, 1150, 1500, 2500, 3000 (CA Only), 5000 (Tall), 5000 (Short) and 10000 (CA Only). Water Storage Tanks are manufactured with the highest quality FDA-approved, NSF-approved, Food-Grade, BPA-Free High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), so you can feel comfortable using our tanks in drinking water applications of all kinds. Poly-Mart is known in the plastic tank business for manufacturing high-quality tanks that are available for sale at a great price through our network of Retail & Online Dealers. All Poly-Mart Water Storage Tanks come with a 5-year warranty and are built to last several decades in the full sun, so you can feel comfortable you are purchasing a high-quality product from a group of professionals!
Color Options for Poly-Mart Water Storage Tanks

We offer the largest color scale of plastic Water Storage Tanks in the industry, with a total of 13 available color options! Our Black and Dark Green Water Storage Tanks won’t allow ANY sunlight into the tank, which in turn eliminates the growth of waterborne algae. Our Dark Brown and Dark Grey colors do a great job at keeping out the sunlight, so if your tanks are under a shade tree or only get direct sunlight for a few hours a day, those colors will work great for you as well. Poly-Mart Water Storage Tanks are manufactured with a large UV stabilization package built into the resin to avoid color fading and break down from harsh sunlight over time.

Our line of Water Storage Tanks come standard with a screw-on Vented Lid, Inlet Bulkhead at the top of the tank, Outlet Bulkhead at the base of the tank, and an Outlet Plug. Fittings sizes and Lid sizes vary depending on the size of the tank.

The following are the most popular uses for Water tanks: Watering your Plants & Garden Gravity Fed Drip Irrigation Systems Topping Off Your Swimming Pool Outdoor Hand Washing Washing Your Car Water Supply for Livestock Water Source for your Pressure Washer Flushing Toilets Primary Household Water Consumption

Over 60% of water use in the suburban area is used to water lawns and gardens. Unfortunately, most are forced to use city water, which is filled with a variety of cleaning chemicals to keep the water bacteria free. Some of these chemicals can actually hurt your plants and make your lawn worse because it lacks the proper natural elements such as Carbon Dioxide that plants need. By collecting water you will use water that is at the proper pH level and is overall healthier water for your lawn and garden. Collecting your own water will ensure a lower water bill at your home.

Water collected from roofs require filtration & treatment before it can be used for drinking, cooking or showering as dirt, pollen, and other pollutants accumulate on roofs as days pass without rain. Some rooftop materials such as shingle roofs can produce water that is harmful to human health if consumed; however, water from shingle rooftops works great for flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering plants/garden, topping off swimming pools and washing cars. In a growing number of cases today, collecting water may be the only economical source of water. Playing in the rain those cases, proper filtration is needed for whole house consumption. When filtered properly, water is very soft, free of viruses, bacteria, salt, pesticides, herbicides and disinfection by-products that you might find in water that has come in contact with the ground. Pre-filtration products such as gutter protectants, leaf heads, and first flush diverters are used to pre-filter water prior to it entering your rain tank. From the water tank, it’s pumped through a series of sediment filters (20 microns, then 5 microns), a carbon block (charcoal) filter & a UV light (in that order). The UV Light kills all the living organism’s in the water which in-turn gives you the softest, best tasting, chemical-free potable drinking water on the planet!

water collection systems are appropriate for almost any area, especially drought-stricken areas. Areas with low annual rainfall total value water more than anyone, so when it actually does rain, you should want to catch it! There are a number of different types of systems to harvest water ranging from very simple “Dry” systems to the complex industrial “Wet” systems. A dry system leaves no water in your plumbing after the rain stops. Wet systems have in-ground plumbing for aesthetic reasons as many feel exposed pipe can be an eyesore. In wet water harvesting systems, it’s necessary too have a low release drain point for draining the leftover water in your plumbing after it stops raining.

For every 1000 square feet of roof space, you have the potential to collect roughly 550 to 600 gallons of water in a 1” rainfall, depending upon how efficient your system is.

water Harvesting is the catchment and storing of water for reuse at a later date. It's Free to collect water and one of the most viable resources to sustain life. When you Harvest water you're helping yourself and the environment. Also known as Rain Collection and Rain Capture, the reasons for collecting water are vast and virtually any structure can collect its own water with proper equipment. Knowing how much rainfall you have the potential to collect should be determined before deciding on the total capacity of the tank(s) you choose.
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