Rain Barrels & Rain Collection Systems

Rain Barrels & Rain Collection Systems
Rain Barrels and Rain Water Barrels Made with FDA approved Material

Your Choice of "Rain Water Barrel" either Factory Fresh New Barrels or Reconditioned "Rain Barrels". We never use Chemical Drums for Rain Drums or "Rain Barrels". Only Food Grade Storage Water Barrels and Water Storage Rain Barrels with FDA Approved Material are used in the Manufacture

If you're looking for ways to save on your water bills and want to ensure that your lawn or garden doesn't suffer, consider an old-fashioned technology: rain harvesting with rain Water barrel.

You can buy or make a rain barrel. If you have a lawn,garden or plants to care for, consider connecting several together to increase your storage capacity. If the size you need is not listed, we can usually make it for you on request. A Truck load of 350 Rain Water Barrels is $39.95 ea +freight.

Take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING Reconditioned Barrels for $79.95 each, which includes the shipping! Please email for details sales@baytec.net

Shipping and Policy Information

For Rain Water barrels not listed here; Please email rainbarrels@baytec.net

* Notice;On Special Free Shipping Item Returns,Actual Shipping charges will be deducted from customer refunds on any returned Free shipping item.
Customer is responsible for shipping charges for delivery and return of the item.

Please Review Our Free Shipping Item Return Policy
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