50 Gallon Flat Back Rain Barrel

50 Gallon Rain Barrel Flat Back Free Shipping!

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Free Shipping This Item! This Flat Back Heavy Duty Rain Barrel is perfect for collecting rain harvest water from the roof of your house.
Going Out of Stock: 1 Oakwood, 2 Black & 1 Green Available

The convenient flat back water barrel butts up against your house for optimal storage and saves space along your garden areas.
Designed to aesthetically enhance outdoor features and set near the wall of your home or business.
The rain saver barrel allows you to collect water with various designs to match to any natural shade.
The Durable Solid Mold design allows rain water collection through a recessed dip and corrosion resistant screen at the top.
Disbursing water into your garden is easy with two access bulkhead points on the sidewall of the water container.
To help with this process we are providing a faucet which can be connected to a 3/4" garden or soaker hose.
These Home Rain Barrels are Eco-Friendly because at least a portion of the flat back plastic water barrels are made with recycled plastic materials.

  • Top Features: Recessed Dip and Corrosion Resistant Screen

  • Side Wall Features: 2 Bulkhead Entry Points and 1-3/4" Faucet

  • Gallon Capacity: 50 Gallons

  • Barrel Measurements: 24" x 19" x 33"

  • Plastic Material: HDPE, High Density Polyethylene & Recycled Plastics

  • Now ONLY 3 Colors: Oakwood Black or Green

  • Made In Texas

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  • Durable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Material.
  • Rain Water Barrel is impact resistant.
  • Water Barrel resists mold, mildew, rotting,and insects.
  • It’s lightweight yet super-strong.
  • Its Recyclable.
  • Has Two 2" Bung Caps.
  • Food Grade Material.
  • Seamless construction.
  • Lowest Price On The Internet.
  • Free Shipping!
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