Slip Cover Metal Tins & Cans

Slip Cover Metal Tins & Cans
Are metal tins and cans with slip cover more of your thing than plastic? Then you are at the right page. Here we have some types of nice metal tins and cans that you can use in your industry as both storage and packaging.

All of the products listed below can be used for packaging. But some stand out more than the others, like the Decorated Tins and Pails that feature the world's most renown artists' works printed on the tins and the that allow your customers to have a peek of what's inside.

We also have the industrial series of tins, such as
Industrial Round Seamless Tins and Industrial Slip Cover Cans. The industrial series tins are most commonly used as storage, though with the right, attractive labeling, it can transform to alluring packaging, too. Choose between deep metal tins and flat metal tins. Deep metal tins allow you to store more inside, while the flat ones provide sleeker look, nice for packaging.

These metals tins and cans are perfect for containing candies, mints, chocolates, cookies, etc. as party favors or simply as storage. Contact us now for more information.
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