Drum Deheaders

Drum Deheaders
What You Need to Cut the Top and/or Bottom off a Closed-head Drum

You need the right drum deheading tool. To choose the right tool, you first need to know if anything is in the drum - for instance, if the drum contains flammable vapors. Also, what is your intention for the drum – to dispose of it as scrap metal or to make it a trash can or other type of usable container? By using a drum deheading tool you can have a choice of disposing of your drum as scrap metal or turning it into a trash can or another type of usable container.

Warning - using incorrect tools can be dangerous

BayTec Vertical Slide Drum Deheader Why put yourself in harm’s way by using tools not designed to do the job correctly? You could cut off the drum top with a cutting torch (very dangerous if the drum contains flammable vapors) or use a saws-all (same dangers apply), but either method could take a lot of time and all you would have left is a piece of scrap metal.
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