Optional Powerlink

Optional Powerlink

Item Number# 8BF400

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  • Alternating current heats up to 55 gallon drums
  • Allows complete access to drum while heating
  • Drum heater is safe for use in hazardous areas

    Copper coils housed inside of a heavy duty fiberglass shell creates an "Eddy Current" effect that heats the drum by magnetizing the drum surface. The induction drum heater never makes contact with the drum. Heater is open on top and bottom, and may be lifted over the drum. These high quality trouble-free heaters will keep performing for years. If the drum needs to be maintained at a certain operational temperature for a period of time, consider the Optional Powerlink Energy Regulator which is uniquely designed for use with the Thermosafe Heater.

    Description: Powerlink energy regulator
    Weight: 16 lbs.

  • The optional Powerlink Energy Regulator can be used where slower heating rates and limits are required when using with Thermosafe® induction drum heater. This energy regulator is an open loop controller used to reduce the heating rate of the heater. It is used in some melting applications to avoid heat degradation which can occur within the liquified portion of the product while the remainder is still frozen. This power controller is for use in safe areas with the Thermosafe Type A Induction Heater.

  • Description: Powerlink energy regulator
  • Wt.: 4 lb
  • Length: 6 13/16"
  • Width: 7"
  • Height : 4 11/16"
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