Stainless Steel Sheath Bung Immersion Heater, 120V,1000W

Stainless Steel Sheath Bung Immersion Heater, 120V,1000W

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"Efficient Steel Drum Immersion Heater 1000W with Safety Features"

The Immersion Heater is an innovative solution designed specifically for the efficient heating of viscous liquids contained in steel 55-gallon drums. This heater excels in environments where precision temperature control is crucial, ranging from 60 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Its built-in thermostat includes an over-temperature cutout feature to prevent overheating, enhancing safety and reliability in industrial settings...

This immersion heater is distinctively engineered to optimize heat transfer directly into the liquid, thereby ensuring the most effective heating possible. With only 8 inches of the riser heated, it allows the liquid level to fluctuate without risk of damage to the heater, making it ideal for variable volume applications. The design is particularly thoughtful, with a compact form that fits through a standard 2-inch bung opening, commonly found in steel drums...

The adjustable mounting bracket is another key feature, which cleverly positions the heater away from the drum wall and above any sludge buildup at the bottom, protecting the heating element and extending the product’s lifespan. An integrated pilot light visibly indicates whether the heater is cycled on or off, providing clear, at-a-glance operational status...

Notably, the immersion heater is designed for single-phase operation and is equipped with NEMA 1 control housings for enhanced durability and safety. Please note that no cord or plug is included with the heater; installation should comply with local electrical codes to ensure safe and appropriate wiring based on the environment of use...

Highlighted Features

  • Specifically designed for use in steel drums.
  • Efficient direct liquid heating.
  • Temperature control from 60 to 250 degrees F with safety cutout.
  • Compact and easy to install in 2-inch drum bung openings.
  • Adjustable positioning to avoid drum wall and sediment.
  • Operational pilot light for heating status indication.

Additional Details

The immersion heater is tailored for heating applications within industrial environments where control and efficiency are paramount. The device’s 1000 watts of power and the focused heat design ensure that even high-viscosity liquids are heated evenly and efficiently. The thermostat’s broad range allows for versatile use across various substances that require maintained temperature levels to either improve flow characteristics or meet process requirements...

Durability is a significant consideration in the design of this immersion heater. It is built to withstand the tough conditions typically found in industrial settings, including exposure to chemicals and heavy usage. The heater’s robust construction and thoughtful placement away from potential sediment buildup at the bottom of drums contribute to its longevity and maintenance ease...

In terms of installation, the immersion heater is user-friendly, designed to be easily mounted and adjusted without the need for extensive modifications to the drum. The absence of a cord or plug as part of the unit allows for customized electrical connections that meet specific safety standards required by different operating environments....

This immersion heater is not just a heating device; it is a critical tool for industries reliant on the processing of oils, fats, waxes, or other substances that benefit from precise temperature management. Its single-phase design simplifies the electrical integration while maintaining effective heating capabilities. The pilot light feature further adds to its operational safety, allowing users to visually confirm the active or inactive status of the heating cycle at any time...

Technical Info

  1. Temperature Range: 60 - 250° F
  2. Volts: 120
  3. Watts: 1000
  4. Weight: 8 lbs
  5. Length: 36 inches
  6. Width: 19 inches


  • Temperature Range: 60 - 250° F
  • Volts: 120
  • Watts: 1000
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Width: 19 inches

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about Stainless Steel Sheath Bung Immersion Heater, 120V,1000W

Question: What is the temperature range of this heater? By John D.
Answer: It ranges from 60 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
Question: Can this heater be used in plastic drums? By Alice W.
Answer: No, it is designed for use in steel drums only.
Question: What is the power rating of this heater? By Bob T.
Answer: It has a power rating of 1000 watts.
Question: How do I know if the heater is on? By Sara L.
Answer: A pilot light indicates whether the heater is cycled on or off.
Question: What is the maximum width of the heater? By Derek H.
Answer: The maximum width is 19 inches.
Question: Is the mounting bracket adjustable? By Olivia P.
Answer: Yes, the mounting bracket is adjustable.
Question: How heavy is this immersion heater? By Kyle E.
Answer: The heater weighs 8 pounds.
Question: Does this product include a cord or plug? By Nina G.
Answer: No, it does not include a cord or plug.

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