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55 Gallon Plastic Water Storage Barrel - Also Used for Eco-Friendly Water Barrel 55 Gallon – HDPE, Impact-Resistant" "Multi-Purpose 55-Gallon Storage Drum – FDA Approved, BPA-Free - NEW Choose between: Blue, White or Black, Long-Term Water Storage - Free Shipping

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55 Gallon Plastic Drum: Choose between Blue, Black or White. - Free Shipping

The 55-gallon plastic drum is an essential product for both industrial and personal use. Designed to handle a vast array of contents, this container is a quintessential tool for those requiring reliable and durable storage solutions. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these drums offer unparalleled resistance to impact, ensuring that they can withstand rough handling and transportation without compromising the integrity of the contents.

Blue, black, and white color options provide visual cues for categorizing different materials, though it’s worth noting that while the blue and white drums are FDA approved for food-grade materials, the black drum is not. The blue and white options sold out quickly due to their versatility and compliance with food safety standards, emphasizing their high demand.

Perfect for long-term water storage, these barrels are also UN-DOT certified, meaning they meet all regulations for transport of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. This feature alone makes them invaluable to organizations that require strict adherence to safety guidelines.

The durability of the plastic drum extends to its resistance to environmental factors. It is immune to mold, mildew, and rotting, as well as being impervious to insect infestations. This makes the drum a superior choice for outdoor storage, as it can endure the elements without succumbing to degradation.

The drums are equipped with two bung holes, secured by caps that come in fine and coarse thread options. This design allows for controlled access to the drum's contents and maintains the drum's integrity for secure storage.

    Key Features:
  • Food-grade material for safe storage
  • UN-DOT certified for transport reliability
  • Impact resistant, withstands harsh conditions
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, and insects
  • Includes two bung caps for secure closure
  • Recyclable and environmentally responsible

Additional Product Description:
In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, the 55-gallon plastic drum stands out as a recyclable option that contributes to a circular economy. The seamless construction of the drum means there are no weak points where leaks could develop, ensuring that the contents are always secure. Whether it is used as a rain barrel to collect and conserve water or as a water barrel for long-term storage, the drum's versatility is unmatched.

The lightweight nature of the drum makes it easy to move and transport, yet its strength is such that it does not compromise on capacity or safety. This balance of lightweight design and robust construction is a testament to the advanced manufacturing processes used in the United States.

For those in industries ranging from agriculture to chemical management, the drum's compliance with FDA regulations for food-grade materials offers a reliable solution for storing and transporting consumables.

    Technical Description:
  1. Dimensions: 23" W x 23" D x 35" H
  2. Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  3. Weight: 23 pounds
  4. Capacity: 55 gallons
  5. Color Options: Blue, Black, White (Black is non-FDA)
  6. Accessories: 2 Bung Caps (fine and coarse thread)


  • Capacity: 55 gals.
  • Color Blue
  • Material HDPE
  • Dimensions 23 1/4" (591 mm) Dia. x 34 3/4" (883 mm) H
  • Bung Caps One Fine Thread NPT 2" & One Coarse 63mm(2.48")
  • Nominal Tare Weight 21.5 lbs. (9.8 kg)
  • Pallet Pack 4 per layer, 8 drums per pallet
  • Country of Manufacture USA
  • Condition New
  • Closure Tight Head (Closed)
  • Min. Wall Thickness 0.087-in. (2.2 mm)
  • Fittings 2" NPT & 2" Buttress
  • Gasket EPDM Rubber Gasket
  • "Can Also Be Used as A Rain Barrel"
  • UN Rating Liquid UN1H1/Y1.9/100
  • Note: View our entire 55 Gallon Drum selection.
  • *For quantities of 128 or more drums, please contact us for pricing and shipping rates.

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Q & A's

Questions & Answers about 55 Gallon Plastic Water Storage Barrel - Also Used for Chemical Drums and Oil Barrels, Long-Term Water Storage Free Shipping

Question: Is the 55-gallon drum suitable for outdoor use? By Aaron T.
Answer: Absolutely, its material is weather-resistant and perfect for outdoor storage.
Question: Can I store food products in these drums? By Maria C.
Answer: Yes, the blue and white drums are food-grade and FDA approved.
Question: Are the drums easy to transport? By Ethan B.
Answer: Yes, they're lightweight yet durable for easy and safe transport.
Question: What does UN-DOT certified mean? By Olivia W.
Answer: It means they comply with regulations for transporting hazardous materials.
Question: How heavy is each drum? By Jacob P.
Answer: Each drum weighs 23 pounds, ideal for manual handling.
Question: What are the dimensions of the drum? By Sophia L.
Answer: The drums are 23 inches wide, deep, and 35 inches tall.
Question: Can I use the drum for collecting rainwater? By Noah G.
Answer: Yes, it's perfect as a rain barrel due to its durability and seamless construction.
Question: Is the material of the drum recyclable? By Ava M.
Answer: Yes, the HDPE material is fully recyclable.
Question: "Do You Have Discounts For Large Orders? By J.J.
Answer: "Yes For over 48 Please call for Pallet pricing."

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  55 Gallon Water Storage Container, By: ,
I ordered the 55 gallon water storage container, wrench and pump. Ordering online was easy and delivery was impressive!! Especially with everyone’s excuse of COVID!! Not Bay Tec Containers BRAVO, will always order from this company in the future. Thank you for your awesome service!!
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  Very happy, By: ,
I’m really happy with the product and delivery. Thank You
2 people found this review helpfulWas this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
  so far so good!, By: ,
Nice durable quality product , so far so good! I would recommend filling it with water letting it sit for a few days emptying it out and doing this two or three times. Noticed a mild plastic smell coming out of water that came out of first fill up.
12 people found this review helpfulWas this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
  Fantastic!, By: ,
I bought (2) 55 gal food grade water storage barrels. They arrived in les than a week, and with Free Shipping! What an excellent value! I may buy (2) more!
5 people found this review helpfulWas this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
  Great Quality , By: ,
Really enjoying these barrels. They were delivered right to my door in great condition. I will be purchasing again.
6 people found this review helpfulWas this rating helpful to you?   Yes   No
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