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Purogene Water Treatment Preserver4 oz
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4oz Bottle of EPA approved Superior Water Storage Treatment Method

A drinking water Treatment For Potable Water Storage Tanks, treat water for long term storage

, Purogene eliminates bad odor and bad taste to stored potable water supplies. Purogene water treatment Method for good and natural tasting drinking water, and secure the joy of good taste in coffee, tea, punch and other drinks.

  1. Works in all types of water systems:
  2. Cold water system
  3. Hot water system
  4. Plastic tanks
  5. Fiberglass tanks
  6. Metal tanks

.This 4 oz. of Purogene will treat 120 gallons and makes the water safe to drink for an extended period.

Purogene use instructions  

Product Brochure for Purogene


1. Put 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of Purogene for each 30 gallons of container capacity into the container.
Fill the container with potable water and seal it air tight.
2. Store the container out of sunlight and in as cool a place as possible.

Water Storage Facts:
  • The water stored must be potable (safe to drink).
  • Low mineral content water is preferred (reverse osmosis or distilled).
  • Water should be free of organic materials.
  • This treatment is NOT meant to purify unclean water, but stabilize already clean water.
  • Containers that are not completely opaque and are stored in a location that might be exposed to even a small amount of sunlight.
  • The Plastic Container must be covered with a completely opaque cover (such as heavy gauge blue plastic liner).
  • Exposure to sunlight will deteriorate the Purogene and render it ineffective in microbial control.

    Purofication of Water:
  • One ounce of 3R PUROGENE will purify thirty (30) gallons of drinking water,
    as well as control the build-up of slime in any drinking water system in RV units, campers, trailers, and boats.
  • Water treatment to control build-up of slime and odor-causing agents and enhance the taste of stored drinking water.
  • Drinking water should be treated at a rate of 1 fl oz (2 tablespoons) of 3R PUROGENE per 30 gallons of water (5 ppm ClO2 concentration).
  • This treatment will provide odor control to the water.
  • Treat each new-addition-of drinking water to the fresh water tank at the ratio of 1 fl oz (2 tablespoons) of 3R PUROGENE per 30 gallons of drinking water.
  • Treat as often as necessary to maintain fresh taste and odor control.

    Containers: Water containers must be free of oil, detergent, ammonia, and organic contaminates.
    Do not use steel containers with exposed metal which will come in contact with the stored water.
    If you do use Steel drums, they must be plastic lined. See our Epoxy Phenolic Lined Drums.

    Disinfecting Purogene water treatment (50 ppm ClO2 concentration):
  • Place 1 fl oz of 3R PUROGENE per 10 gallons of water tank capacity into a clean plastic or glass container.
  • To this add 1 tsp of Citric Acid Activator Crystals (lemon juice may be used, same amount) and let it stand for 5 minutes.
  • DO NOT breathe the fumes!
  • Pour the sanitizing solution into the water tank and fill the tank with potable water.
  • Turn on the water pump and drain a small amount of water from each of the faucets including hot water faucets so that the sanitizing solution gets into the entire system.
  • Refill the tank with potable water to replace drawn off solution.
  • Let the system full of sanitizing solution stand for at least 1 hour.
  • After the hour, drain the tank and refill with potable water treated with 5 ppm of ClO2 as described above. Draw off some water from all faucets including the water heater tank to purge the sanitizing solution.
  • To maintain the tank, repeat this procedure as often as necessary.
  • Specifications

    • Size Bottle16 oz
    • Treats:1oz per 30 Gallons
    • Use:Long Term Water Treatment
    • Use:Eliminates odor
    • Use:Disinfection of drinking water
    • Contains: chlorine dioxide

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    Q & A's

    Questions & Answers about Purogene Water Treatment Preserver4 oz
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    Question: Is this the same thing as Bleach. By Jim R.
    Answer: No! This is chlorine dioxide Which is used worldwide as a water purifier.
    Question: How long does one 4 oz bottle of Purogene Water Treatment Preserver last? - Karen T.
    Answer: One 4 oz bottle of Purogene Water Treatment Preserver can treat up to 120 gallons of water, with a dosage rate of one Oz per 30 gallons.
    Question: Is Purogene Water Treatment Preserver safe for use in drinking water? - Chris B.
    Answer: Yes, Purogene Water Treatment Preserver is specifically designed to treat and preserve drinking water, making it safe and free from harmful bacteria.
    Question: Can I use Purogene Water Treatment Preserver for other applications besides water storage, such as pools or aquariums? - Bethany J.
    Answer: Purogene Water Treatment Preserver is primarily intended for drinking water storage; it may not be suitable or effective for other applications like pools or aquariums.
    Question: Does Purogene Water Treatment Preserver have an expiration date? - Victor R.
    Answer: Purogene Water Treatment Preserver has a shelf life of approximately 5 years when stored properly in a cool, dry, and dark location.
    Question: How does Purogene Water Treatment Preserver compare to other water treatment options like chlorine tablets or iodine? - Amber S.
    Answer: Purogene Water Treatment Preserver uses a stabilized chlorine dioxide formula, which is generally considered more effective and less harmful to taste and odor than traditional chlorine or iodine-based treatments.

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      Siphoning pump, By: ,
    This 55 gallon container, siphoning pump and water treatment chemicals were exactly what I was looking for and needed.
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      Worked Great In my RV Fresh Water Tank, By: ,
    My water always tasted strange in my RV until I added Baytec's Purogene Water Treatment. Now it Taste and smells so good. I highly recommend this to treat your water storage.
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