Silicone Heating Tape with Preset Thermostat (RKP)
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Silicone Heating Tape with Preset Thermostat (RKP)<br><font color="#008000" >Free Shipping</font>
The Most Flexible Plug-and-Play Heat Trace Product Ever

BriskHeats XtremeFLEX RKP Silicone Heating Tapes are a new solution to traditional heat trace cable; the perfect solution for challenging applications. The RKP tapes have an ultra-thin profile with a super-flexible 1/4 (6mm) bend radius. The RKP heating tape has a low watt-density of 6W/ft (20W/m) to provide safe operation and avoid overheating. No additional temperature controller is required because a built-in pre-set thermostat continuously monitors and controls the temperature output of the heater. The complete unit is fully encapsulated in silicone rubber to provide an extremely flexible, durable, and moisture resistant heater. The unique flexibility provides exceptional surface contact for maximum heat transfer and effectiveness around systems that have complex curves, bends, and contours. The heater is also pre-terminated with a power cord and electrical plug to provide quick and easy power connection. RKP silicone heating tapes are a true plug-and-play heater that is both easy to install and easy to maintain. This design makes the RKP an extremely versatile heater for a wide variety of indoor/outdoor
  • Plug-and-play heater with built-in pre-set temperature control
  • Standard lengths up to 200ft (61m)
  • Exceptional flexibility and durability
  • For use in indoor/outdoor and wet-area locations
  • Ideal for freeze protection and process control heating applications
  • Rapid thermal response
  • Suitable for electrically conductive surfaces
  • Low profile design
  • Custom sizes and designs available
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