30 Gallon Used Plastic Barrel

30 Gallon Plastic Drum - Reconditioned

Item Number# 30THRCFS
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Optional Add-ons
Option 1- Installed Bulk-Head Fitting
Option 2- 3/4" Faucet-Foodgrade;Your choice of Sink faucet or Flow Rite Faucet


Closed Top Non-Removable Top (access is thru Two 2" Bung Holes)

Closed Top Food Grade Softdrink or Juice  Water Storage Barrel :

All Reconditioned juice and softdrink Water Storage Barrels have been triple washed, Pressure Checked Leak Tested nearly new excellent condition. These  Water Storage Barrels  Are Very clean and only used one time. Nearly new condition.
High Density Polyethylene Plastic

Notice:Drums may have an odor and/or a residual of the product previously stored in it, and should be Rinsed again prior to use.

These 30 gallon Plastic Water Storage Barrels are the
Best Value on the Internet
Notice:Drum should be Rinsed again prior to use.

Two 2" Bung Caps Inculded

-One 2"Fine Thread and

-One 2" Buttress Course Thread with 3/4" fine thread punch-out (For water faucet}

NOTE! If you need a water faucet on the side, a bulkhead fitting with 3/4" threads must be installed. You can add this option for Only $9.95 Extra and it will be installed free when ordered with the water drum.

If you have added the bulk head you need a faucet for the threaded hole; consider adding Optional Food grade Sink Faucet for $6.95, which has outside threads for a hose; or a food grade flow rite faucet for only $4.95. at approx.

Dimensions: 19" X 19" X 31"



Notice: These Barrels Have had a Food Product stored in them and as such may have a lite residue and odor of the stored product. We do NOT recommend these barrels for Human Drinking Water.

Remove water from your barrel with optional Plastic Water Barrel Siphon Pump

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