No-Drip Spout Stainless Steel Liner Piston Drum Pump

No-Drip Spout Stainless Steel Liner Piston Drum Pump

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No-Drip Spout - Tuthill® High Output Piston Drum Pump

Enhance the efficiency and safety of your industrial processes with our advanced drum and pail heaters, tailored to increase the flow rate of viscous materials. These heaters are expertly designed to accommodate both steel and plastic drums and pails, ensuring versatility across various industrial applications. Our range includes models with different heating controls, catering to specific material requirements and heating needs.

Heater Models for Steel and Plastic Drums and Pails
Our durable heaters are crafted for instant installation, utilizing a spring-loaded toggle clamp that guarantees a secure fit. They evenly distribute heat across the entire surface of the drum or pail, thanks to their thoughtful design. This uniform heat distribution is crucial for the efficient handling of materials like adhesives, syrups, or chemicals, which require consistent temperatures to maintain their properties.

Internal Fiberglass Insulation
Each heater is equipped with internal fiberglass insulation (except for the LIMD55-115 model), enhancing their thermal efficiency and safety. This insulation minimizes heat loss, ensuring more energy-efficient operation and reducing the risk of external surfaces becoming uncomfortably hot, which is a vital safety consideration in industrial environments.

Choice of Three Heating Controls
We offer a choice of three heating controls to cater to various material sensitivities:

Thermostat Control with Three-Heat Switch:
Ideal for steel drums and pails containing materials with good heat receptivity. The thermostat bulb is strategically positioned to sense the temperature in an area away from the heating elements, providing a more accurate temperature control. The three-heat switch allows adjustments in wattage ranges, accommodating different heating requirements.

Infinite (Variable) Control with Three-Heat Switch:
This model is perfect for materials prone to charring, burning, or separation, such as food products or light oils. It offers a more nuanced control over the heating process, operating within three wattage ranges for closer heat control. Note that these heaters do not have a thermostat and require manual monitoring to maintain desired temperatures.

Plastic Drum Heater with Pre-Set (Non-adjustable)
Thermostat: Exclusively designed for high-density polyethylene drums and pails, this heater has a factory-set thermostat that caps at a safe 165 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a straightforward solution for materials that need consistent, plastic-safe temperatures.

Additional Features and Certifications
UL-Listed and CSA Certified: Our heaters meet rigorous safety and performance standards, ensuring they are safe and reliable for industrial use. Indoor Use Only: These units are designed for indoor environments, providing optimal performance in controlled settings. Not Moisture-Proof or Explosion-Proof: It's important to note that these heaters are not suitable for use with flammable materials or in flammable areas.

The detailed technical specifications, including amps, container size, NEMA plug type, temperature range, voltage, wattage, weight, and container diameter, affirm the adaptability and robustness of our heaters for various industrial applications.

    Key Features
  • Amps: 12.5
  • Container Size (gal.): 16
  • NEMA Plug: 5-15 P
  • Temp. Range (°F): 200 - 400
  • Volts: 120
  • Watts: 1500-750-375
  • Wt.: 10 lbs.
  • Container Dia. (in.): 14 1/2

Additional Product Description
Our drum and pail heaters are not just tools; they are an essential part of your workflow, significantly enhancing the efficiency of your operations. Whether you are dealing with temperature-sensitive materials like foodstuffs or industrial-grade chemicals, our heaters provide the precise control needed to maintain optimal conditions.

Thermostat Control with Three-Heat Switch is a standout feature for those working with steel drums. It allows for a tailored approach to heating, enabling you to select from three different wattage ranges per thermostat setting. This flexibility is particularly beneficial when working with materials that react differently to varying temperatures.

For those handling more delicate materials, the Infinite (Variable) Control with Three-Heat Switch offers a superior level of control. This model is ideal for materials at risk of damage from excessive heat, providing a more granular approach to temperature management.

In contrast, the Plastic Drum Heater with Pre-Set Thermostat is a plug-and-play solution for high-density polyethylene drums. Its simplicity and safety make it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a hassle-free heating solution.

All models are equipped with a neon pilot light and a 6' power cord for added convenience and safety. Additionally, their one-year warranty speaks to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

These heaters are not just functional; they are a testament to innovative engineering, designed with the needs of modern industries in mind. By choosing our drum and pail heaters, you are not only investing in a product but also in the efficiency and safety of your operations.

    Technical Description
  1. Design: Spring-loaded toggle clamp for instant installation
  2. Insulation: Internal fiberglass insulation (except LIMD55-115)
  3. Safety: Not moisture-proof or explosion-proof; for indoor use only
  4. Certifications: UL-Listed and CSA certified
  5. Thermostat Control: For steel drums with good heat receptivity
  6. Infinite Control: For materials subject to charring or burning


  • Material: Die-cast aluminum housing, stainless steel liner, and piston shaft.
  • Telescoping Tube: Steel, adjustable from 22" to 40".
  • Spout Type: No-drip spout included.
  • Handle: Easy-grip, lockable design.
  • Drum Compatibility: Fits 15 - 55 gallon drums.
  • Connections: Includes a 2" NPT bung adapter, 1" inlet, and 3/4" female threaded outlet.

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about No-Drip Spout Stainless Steel Liner Piston Drum Pump

Question: What is the material used for the pump's housing and shaft? By Alex G.
Answer: The pump features a die-cast aluminum housing and a stainless steel liner and piston shaft.
Question: Can this pump fit different drum sizes? By Sarah T.
Answer: Yes, it comes with a 22" - 40" adjustable steel telescoping suction tube that fits 15 - 55 gallon drums.
Question: Does the pump include a safety feature to prevent siphoning? By Mike B.
Answer: Yes, it is equipped with a vacuum breaker to prevent siphoning.
Question: What is the purpose of the no-drip spout? By Emma K.
Answer: The no-drip spout is designed to minimize spillage and waste during fluid transfer.
Question: How much weight can the pump handle? By John D.
Answer: The pump is designed for use with 15 - 55 gallon drums, suitable for various industrial fluid handling tasks.
Question: Is the pump's handle designed for ease of use? By Olivia R.
Answer: Yes, it has an easy-grip, lockable handle for enhanced safety and control during operation.

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