Fuel & Hazardous Hand Drum Pumps

Fuel & Hazardous Hand Drum Pumps
This section features manual drum pumps for fuel and hazardous items. We have different pumps which you can choose based on how much liquid you want to pump per minute and the mechanical system of the pumps.

The stainless steel piston drum pumps are ideal if you want to dispense smaller quantity of liquid. For these pumps, the available varieties are: piston drum pumps with hose and nozzle and piston drum pumps with hose, nozzle and flowmeter. For pails, we have the flexspout adapter hand pail pumps.

These deliver 4 ounces per stroke and come with these models: Carbon Steel Pail Pumps with Screw Cap Adapter, Stainless Steel Pail Pumps with Screw Cap Adapters, and Stainless Steel Pail Pump with Flexspout Adapter. Another type of drum pumps that is good for fuel and hazardous materials is Safety Drum Pumps. They fit 15-55 gallon drums and they are perfect for flammables and combustibles. Choices come in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Pumps.

For Class I and Class II liquids, the Blackmer Rotary Pumps are just the ideal ones to pick. Coming with a hose or a drip pan, these USA-made pumps deliver 10 gallons per minute and dependable for ensuring safe dispensing activities.

Last but not least, there are these Spout Stainless Steel Safety Pumps. They safely dispense high purity corrosives and flammables and could come with a hose if you wish.

If you need assistance in deciding which pump is best for you, do not hesitate to call us (888-460-3786)or Email US

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