FLEXSPOUT Closures for Plastic and Steel Pails & Cans - Discontinued

FLEXSPOUT Closures for Plastic and Steel Pails & Cans - Discontinued
FLEXSPOUT Closures for Plastic and Steel Pails & Cans 25 Pack DISCONTINUED

Stop glugging and alleviate chugging with this crimp-on closure due to its built-in vent that allows trapped air out. It has a 40% faster pour speed through a larger orifice, which improves operational efficiency. The titled pour provides better accurate, smoother, and safer pours. It is designed to ensure maximum drainage and improved tamper evidence. It is also easily stackable due to its low profile. Its fewer components also make it easy to use.

  • Use to pour product from your pail
  • The spout has a built-in vent to alleviate "chugging"
  • Features: Crimp on Cap with Rieke Flexspout Closure for Plastic and Steel Pails
  • Case Qty: 25
  • Description: FLEXSPOUT®.
  • Additional Parts Needed:

  • DESCRIPTION This crimp-on spout has a built-in vent to alleviate chugging when pouring the product from your pail. Requires the FLEXSPOUT® Crimping Tool, SKU FS500.

    Versatility guaranteed with compatibility to both plastic and steel pails Requires the Flexspout ® crimping tool*: No need to torque it and improved tamper evidence Pull out diaphragm for added protection Printable area for branding with logos Resealable screw cap Impact, moisture, and chemical resistant LDPE body and lightweight, but the impact, chemical, and high-temperature resistant HDPE cap *Note: Closure requires the Flexspout ® crimping tool (FS500) sold separately.

  • Case Qty: 25
  • Description: FLEXSPOUT

  • Featuring a tamper-evident cap and a 40 mm pour orifice, Rieke Flexspout provides a broader, simpler, and faster pour. It has 10 "fins" anti-glug that make the pour smoother and allow it to be easily held by the lifting bails on the solid grey overlap.

    For regulated dispensing and minimizing messes, this resealable closure is excellent. It is commonly used in the food, oil, household, agricultural, chemical, paint, adhesives/sealants, pail/can, and packaging industries.
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