Dual-Action Drum Vent Bung Cap Plug Circular Polypropylene 3/4" NPS 100 Pack

Industrial-Grade Drum Vent Plug - Dual-Action, Circular Base, Polypropylene - 3/4" NPS - 100 Pack

Item Number# 8RPV750H

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Dual-Action Drum Vent Plug: The Ultimate Solution for Secure Liquid Storage

In the world of industrial storage and transport, the integrity of your containers is paramount. Enter the Dual-Action Drum Vent Plug, a marvel of engineering designed to ensure the safety and purity of your non-flammable liquids during storage and transit. This 3/4" NPS vent plug is a game-changer for those using plastic drums, combining innovative technology with robust materials to deliver a product that stands unmatched in the market...

Crafted from high-quality polyethylene and fitted with an EPDM gasket, this drum vent plug guarantees a tight seal against leaks. The gasket's superior resistance to heat, UV exposure, and aging ensures a long-lasting performance even under the most demanding conditions. The white EPDM is not only durable but also FDA-approved, making it safe for use with a wide range of substances...

But it's the dual-action venting mechanism that truly sets this product apart. Designed with a micro-porous gauze, the vent allows for two-way venting, effectively managing both pressure and vacuum conditions inside your drums. This feature ensures that during the normal agitation of transport and handling, your liquids remain securely within the container, free from the risk of spillage or contamination...

Moreover, these vent plugs are engineered to begin venting at any pressure differential, a critical feature for maintaining the integrity of your stored liquids. Whether your drums are on the move or in storage, the Dual-Action Drum Vent Plug responds dynamically to changes in internal pressure, preserving the quality of the contents without the need for manual intervention...

The integration of this plug into your storage system is effortless, thanks to its design that fits circular bung opening bases in steel drums. Its compatibility with standard containers means you can upgrade your storage solutions without the need for specialized equipment. And with a weight of only 2 lbs per 100 units, these plugs are as efficient in their design as they are effective in performance...

Choosing the Dual-Action Drum Vent Plug means investing in reliability, safety, and quality for your liquid storage needs. It's not just a component; it's your partner in ensuring the integrity of your products from storage to final delivery...

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    Key Features List:
  • Compatibility: Perfectly fits circular bung openings in plastic drums, designed for universal use.
  • Material Resilience: Constructed from robust polyethylene for durability and an FDA-approved white EPDM gasket for safe use.
  • Dual-Action Venting: Features a micro-porous gauze for two-way venting, handling both pressure and vacuum.
  • Automated Pressure Management: Automatically begins venting at any pressure differential, ensuring safety and integrity.
  • Chemical Resistance: The EPDM gasket offers excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals, enhancing the plug's versatility.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing only 2 lbs per 100 units, it is an economical choice for bulk applications.

Additional Product Description:
The Dual-Action Drum Vent Plug stands out as an exemplary solution for the safekeeping and transportation of non-flammable liquids. Its advanced design addresses the industry's need for a reliable seal that can adapt to varying pressures without human intervention...

The plug's micro-porous gauze vent is a testament to its sophisticated engineering. It allows for the release of excess pressure and the intake of air to prevent vacuum formation, which could compromise drum integrity. This automated pressure management system is vital for maintaining the quality of the stored substance, especially when subjected to the rigors of transport...

Additionally, the chemical resistance of the EPDM gasket means that the vent plug can be used across a wide array of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing. This resistance ensures that the plug's integrity remains unaffected by the contents it secures, thus preserving the purity and quality of the materials within...

The lightweight nature of the plug does not impede its strength or functionality. Instead, it offers a cost-effective solution for businesses that require the secure storage and transportation of liquids in large quantities. Its ease of installation and compatibility with standard drum openings make it an ideal choice for companies looking to improve their operational efficiency without incurring additional equipment costs...

In terms of environmental impact and safety, the Dual-Action Drum Vent Plug is designed with compliance in mind. It meets the necessary regulatory standards, ensuring that your business adheres to industry best practices while safeguarding the environment..

Choosing this drum vent plug means selecting a product that not only secures your liquids but also aligns with stringent quality and safety standards. It is an investment in your company's future, ensuring that your products remain uncontaminated and are delivered to your clients in impeccable condition...

    Technical Description List:
  1. Size: 3/4" NPS, a standard size for easy integration with existing drums.
  2. Gasket Material: White EPDM, FDA-approved for safety and compatibility with various substances.
  3. Weight: 2 lbs per 100 units, offering an efficient and economical solution.
  4. Construction: Made from high-quality polyethylene, ensuring long-term durability and performance.
  5. Venting Mechanism: Micro-porous gauze allows for dual-action venting to manage internal drum pressure.
  6. Chemical Compatibility: The gasket exhibits excellent chemical resistance, broadening the plug's usability across industries.


  • Fits Bung Opening Base: Circular
  • Gasket: EPDM
  • Wt. Per 100: 2 lb
  • Plug Material: Polyethylene
  • Plug Size: 3/4 in

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about Dual-Action Drum Vent Bung Cap Plug Circular Polypropylene 3/4" NPS 100 Pack

Question: How Many Plug in the Pack? Al Pool
Answer: 100 each
Q: How does the Dual-Action Vent Plug adapt to changes in internal drum pressure? By Marco P.
A: It features an automatic venting system that activates with any pressure differential, maintaining drum integrity.
Q: Is the vent plug compatible with steel drums? By Anna G.
A: Yes, it's designed to fit circular bung openings typically found in steel drums.
Q: Can the vent plug be used with food products? By Ethan J.
A: Absolutely, the white EPDM gasket is FDA-approved for use with food substances.
Q: What is the weight of the vent plugs for shipping calculations? By Olivia B.
A: The plugs are lightweight, weighing only 2 lbs per 100 units.
Q: How does this product ensure the safety of non-flammable liquids during transport? By Liam F.
A: Its dual-action venting mechanism prevents leaks and contamination during the normal movement of transport.
Q: Is the material of the vent plug resistant to UV exposure? By Mia H.
A: Yes, the polyethylene body and EPDM gasket are both resistant to UV, ensuring longevity.
Q: Are these vent plugs easy to install on existing drums? By Noah K.
A: They are very user-friendly and can be installed quickly on standard drum openings.
Q: Does the vent plug come with a gasket? By Ava L.
A: Each plug includes an EPDM gasket that provides a secure seal and chemical resistance.

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