Dual-Action Drum Bung Cap Vent Plug Circular Polypropylene 2" NPT, Fine Thread, 100 Pack

Industrial Grade 2" Drum Vent Plug - Dual-Action, EPDM Gasket, 100 Pack

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2" NPS Fine Thread Drum Vent Plug with EPDM Gasket - Durable, Chemical Resistant Polypropylene, 100 Pack

Experience the utmost efficiency in liquid transportation and storage with our cutting-edge Dual-Action Drum Bung Cap Vent Plug. Expertly engineered to fit 2-inch NPS plastic drum bung openings, this revolutionary product offers a secure seal and automatic venting to maintain optimal pressure levels within your containers...

Crafted from high-grade polyethylene and incorporating a robust EPDM gasket, this vent plug stands up to diverse environmental conditions, making it an ideal companion for both indoor and outdoor applications. The white EPDM gasket is not only resistant to UV exposure, heat, and aging but also provides superior chemical resistance, ensuring your contents remain uncontaminated and safe...

Our vent plug's dual-action design allows for two-way venting, which effectively manages both pressure and vacuum within your drum. This feature is essential in preventing the deformation of the container and ensuring the integrity of the stored liquids, particularly during transportation where movement is inevitable. The vent plug kicks into action at any pressure differential, so you never have to worry about manual adjustments or monitoring...

Designed with user convenience in mind, our vent plug is straightforward to install and requires no specialized tools. Its lightweight yet durable construction ensures that adding it to your drums is a quick and hassle-free process. The innovative micro-porous membrane within the vent allows your drums to "breathe," mitigating the risk of leaks during the normal sloshing of contents while in transit or handling — note that it's designed for upright storage and is not intended for horizontal drum storage...

The Dual-Action Drum Bung Cap Vent Plug is FDA approved, ensuring that it meets the highest standards for food safety and can be used in applications involving consumables. Its simple design, coupled with its exceptional functionality, makes it a must-have for industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to food and beverage, to hazardous materials handling...

Furthermore, our product is environmentally friendly and recyclable, aligning with eco-conscious operational values. Whether you're storing water-based solutions, agricultural chemicals, or food ingredients, our vent plug ensures that your products remain secure and quality is maintained from storage to delivery... .. Investing in our Dual-Action Drum Bung Cap Vent Plug means investing in reliability, safety, and quality. It's the protective companion your storage drums need, ensuring that no matter where your business takes you, your products remain intact and your operations run smoothly...

    Key Feature Points:
  • Dual-Action Venting: Automatically adjusts for pressure and vacuum.
  • Material: Durable polyethylene body with EPDM gasket.
  • Compatibility: Fits 2" NPS bung openings on plastic drums.
  • Weather Resistant: Withstands UV, heat, and harsh chemicals.
  • Easy Installation: No special tools required for drum fitting.
  • Food Safe: FDA approved for consumable product storage.

Additional Product Description:
The Dual-Action Drum Bung Cap Vent Plug stands as an epitome of innovative design and practicality. It is specifically tailored to meet the needs of industries where the containment and transport of liquids are critical. The dual-action mechanism is a game-changer, providing the much-needed adaptability to varying pressures, which are commonplace during the movement and storage of liquid products...

Our vent plug's polyethylene construction offers a lightweight yet sturdy solution to drum sealing. It ensures that no additional weight is added to your containers, keeping shipping costs down. The polyethylene is also fully recyclable, which means that your company can maintain its commitment to sustainability without compromising on performance...

The inclusion of an EPDM gasket is a testament to our commitment to quality and safety. This material is renowned for its excellent resistance to abrasion and temperature extremes, ensuring that your drums maintain a perfect seal in various storage conditions. Its resistance to a wide range of chemicals makes it suitable for storing everything from mild detergents to more aggressive substances...

Ease of use is at the forefront of the vent plug's design. Installation is a breeze, allowing your operations to proceed without delays. Its FDA approval for food contact makes it a versatile tool that can be confidently used across multiple sectors, including those with stringent regulatory requirements...

In a world where efficiency and safety are paramount, the Dual-Action Drum Bung Cap Vent Plug provides peace of mind. It reassures that your products are secured with a vent plug that's engineered for excellence and designed for durability. It's not just a fitting; it's a vital component that upholds the integrity of your product from the inside out...

    Technical Description:
  1. Design: Dual-action venting for automatic pressure and vacuum regulation.
  2. Material Composition: Constructed with high-density polyethylene for durability.
  3. Gasket Quality: White EPDM gasket, providing exceptional resistance and safety.
  4. Environmental Resistance: UV, heat, and chemical resistance for versatile use.
  5. Compliance: Meets FDA standards for food safety in storage applications.
  6. Sustainability: Eco-friendly material that is recyclable, reducing environmental impact.


  • Fits Bung Opening Base: Circular
  • Gasket: EPDM
  • Wt. Per 100: 9 lb
  • Drum Plug Features
  • Plug Material: Polyethylene
  • Plug Size: 2 in

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about Dual-Action Drum Bung Cap Vent Plug Circular Polypropylene 2" NPT, Fine Thread, 100 Pack

Question: How Many Plug in the Pack? Al Pool
Answer: 100 each
Question: Can the vent plug be used for both indoor and outdoor drums? By Alex R.
Answer: Yes, its UV and weather-resistant properties make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Question: Is this vent plug compatible with steel drums? By Mia T.
Answer: It's designed for 2" NPS bung openings, commonly found on plastic drums.
Question: How does the vent plug handle extreme temperatures? By Ethan J.
Answer: The EPDM gasket ensures performance is maintained across a wide range of temperatures.
Question: Does this product meet food safety regulations? By Olivia B.
Answer: Absolutely, it is FDA approved for use in food-related applications.
Question: Is the installation process complicated? By Noah C.
Answer: Not at all, it requires no special tools and is designed for easy, straightforward installation.
Question: How does this plug contribute to sustainable practices? By Ava M.
Answer: The plug is made from recyclable polyethylene, supporting eco-friendly operations.

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