Top Quality Automatic Drum Siphon Filler

Top Quality Automatic Drum Siphon Filler
Description: 1/2 gal and 1 gal. spout, complete Includes: Goose-neck (1) 3/4" O.D. Nozzle (1) Wt.: 2 lb.

Your Highest level filling job should be the easiest and most secure method available. It should also be of the Best Quality and lowest cost per unit.

The Tank level is kept at a safe level automatically by a 8316SS Valve float and has the ability to be supplied by a pump or gravity. It will Automatically uniformly fill containers as little as 1 pint to as large as 1 gallon.

The included Check valve will keep drips from occurring when the container is not present. I

This system includes five assemblies of a saddle type and a stand build of heavy-duty steel.

Note: spout diameter should be specified when ordering. Spouts must be bought separate and are not included. 5 spouts with 3/4" O.D. are needed for half gallon and gallon containers.

Accepts up to eight spouts for smaller containers. Using eight spouts will require three more saddle assemblies. A complete spout is a gooseneck and a nozzle.

Only another nozzle assembly will be needed when changing to a different size container. The goose neck size is the standard for all nozzles.

Call customer service at 888.460.DRUM(3786) for details.

Shown 8SF3849
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