35 Gallon Barrel, Used Soda Drum

35 Gallon Barrel, Used Soda Drum

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35 Gallon Barrel, Used Soda Drum Notice: These Barrels are Used Clean Barrels but may have an odor of the original cola product.

For a Limited Time, we have a special load of 35 Gallon Plastic WHITE Barrels

All Used Drums have been
  • triple washed,
  • Pressure Checked,
  • Leak Tested
  • and in excellent condition, Used one time. High-Density Polyethylene Plastic.

    These Tight Head Drums are made of HDPE and are all BPA Free and FDA Approved for Food Products.

    We only have a limited supply of these drums and when there gone there gone. We can not get this in a new plastic drum as they are specially made for a soda drink manufacturer.

    Notice: Drums may have an odor and/or a residual of the product previously stored in it, and should be Rinsed again prior to use. Dimensions: 23x23x20 Tall as a 55 Gallon and Wide as a 30 Gallon

    Optional Add-Ons:
  • Option 1- Installed Bulk-Head Fitting
  • Option 2- 3/4" Faucet-Food grade; Your choice of Sink faucet or Flow-Rite Faucet


    Remove product from your barrel with optional Plastic Barrel Siphon Pump
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