5 Gallon Gamma Seal Lids,

5 Gallon Gamma Seal Lids,
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This 5 Gallon Screw Off Heavy Duty Gamma Seal Lid, Transforms Your Bucket Or Pail Into An Airtight Storage Container"

Gamma Seal Lid Is Made Of Hi-density Polyethylene And Creates A Leak-Resistant Airtight Seal. The Gamma Seal Lid Fits Standard 12" Diameter Plastic Pails. Save On Shipping Cost by Buying a 12 Pack of Gamma Seal Lids With Free Shipping

Resealable And Reusable. Fda Approved Materials. Volume Discounts For Pallet Loads. Many Colors Available.
BayTec Buckets are UN Standard, US-made, BPA Free Buckets.

Can Be Used with Buckets for:
  • PET FOODS-storing dog and cat food
  • KITCHEN-store food, grains, nuts, sugar.
  • RESTAURANT/BAKERY - Quick access to ingredients, seals airtight.
  • GARAGE-Tools, Screws, Parts, fertilizer, and other hardware.
  • PAINT-Seal and Keep Paint Fresh.
  • BOATING/CAMPING-Store Food and keep bugs out.
  • AUTO-Store used or New Oil towels and Tools for easy reach.
  • FISHING-Makes a great Bait and Fish Bucket Better.
  • PICNICS-Quick and easy Ice Drink Storage.
  • All Around Best Seal Lid on the Market.
  • Seals Pails Air Tight.

  • NOTE: Due to Plastic Resin Shortages; All Plastic Products Have Delayed Shipping. Please allow at least 10- 14 days for processing and shipping of your items ordered. If you need them rush delivery please email sales@baytec.net and we can give you a quote for rush services & get your order out sooner.
    1. Airtight Reseals Your Bucket Or Pail Easy Opening Lid Fits
    2. All Universally Used 12" Opening Pails And Buckets
    3. For Liquid And Dry Storage Use:
    4. Paints & Finishes,
    5. Joint Compound,
    6. Solvents & Cleaners,
    7. For Storing Dry Equipment,
    8. Survival Supplies,
    9. Charcoal/Wood Storage,
    10. Fishing/Hunting Supplies,
    11. For Household Dry Foods & Grains,
    12. Dry Pet Foods Storage,
    13. Disaster Supplies,
    14. Detergents and Cleaners,
    15. Hardware Storage,
    16. Tool Storage,
    17. Plumbing Supplies,
    18. Nails & Easterners Fittings,
    19. We are A Gamma2 Master Distributor
    20. Note: Not For Water Storage, Please see our Water Storage Drums
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