2 Gallon Gamma Seal Lids

2 Gallon Gamma Seal Lids
2 Gallon Gamma Seal Lid for 2 Gallon Buckets Only (These will NOT fit a 5 gallon plastic bucket or plastic pail).
The diameter is 9 7/8" on these Gamma Seal Lids and they ONLY fit 2 Gallon Buckets.

For Liquid And Dry Storage Use:
Survival Supplies
Charcoal/Wood Storage
Fishing/Hunting Supplies
For Household Dry Foods & Grains
Dry Pet Foods
Paints & Finishes
Joint Compound
Solvents & Cleaners
For Water-Proofing Dry Equipment

  • The Gamma Seal Lid transforms your ordinary bucket into an air tight storage container that you can get into over and over without damaging the container or lid.
  • This 2 Gallon Lid is made of High-Density Polyethylene, which is also FDA approved for food products.
  • With this spin top lid you have easy on and easy off access through the 9 7/8" opening.
  • Baytec is the only distributor with a variety of colors are available for this 2 Gallon Gamma Lid including White, Blue and Black.
  • We offer Volume Discounts on Pallet Loads.

    Click here for the 2 gallon bucket that fits this lid.2 Gallon Bucket

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