5 Gal Round HDPE Plastic Jug with molded  Handle | Blue | with Screw Cap | 3 Pack<br> <font color="red" >Free Shipping</font>

5 Gal Round HDPE Plastic Jug | Molded Handle | Blue | with Screw Cap | 3 Pack
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55 Gal Round HDPE Plastic Jug with molded in Handle | Blue | with Screw Cap | 3 Pack
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Product Description:
Discover the ultimate storage solution with our Blue 5-Gallon Jug - a perfect blend of functionality and convenience for your emergency supplies. This 5-gallon round plastic jug is designed for durability and ease of use, featuring a robust, Non-Breakable handle and an ingeniously molded-in bottom grip to facilitate effortless pouring. Crafted for versatility, this container is not only stackable, ensuring space-efficient storage, but also suitable for a wide range of contents, including hazardous materials, thanks to its robust design.

Equipped with a 70 mm screw cap hole, complete with precision 6 threads per inch, the jug ensures a secure seal, complemented by a 3/4" Tape for faucet or pump attachments, enhancing its functionality. Manufactured from 100% high-density polyethylene with a high molecular weight, the jug boasts exceptional durability and chemical resistance.

This container is ideal for those who prioritize health and safety, as it is FDA and USDA certified for food storage. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, it's perfect for hot fills. The interior is designed with a smooth, seamless finish, featuring an in-line spout for optimal drainage, making it a hygienic choice for a variety of uses.

Safety is a top priority with our jugs, as evidenced by the 1H1/Y1.8/150/20 UN rating, signifying its approval for storing and transporting low- to medium-hazardous liquids. For additional closure options for this versatile 6-thread pail, our Customer Service Experts are just a call away at 1.888.460.2334.

Please note: A 70-mm screw cap is included with the jug.

    Key Features:
  • 100% high-density, high molecular weight polyethylene construction
  • Versatile, self-supporting container design
  • Easy-grip, molded-in handle and bottom grip for effortless pouring
  • Seamless interior with in-line spout for complete drainage
  • Stackable design for efficient use of space
  • Capable of hot fill up to 160° F and approved by the FDA and USDA for food storage

Additional Description:
Our Blue 5-Gallon Jug is an indispensable tool for a range of storage needs. Its reliable design promises endurance and protection for your contents, especially during transport or storage of sensitive materials. The construction is of the highest caliber, employing high-density polyethylene that not only withstands extreme conditions but also maintains the integrity of your contents without leaching.

Every aspect of the jug has been carefully considered, from the ergonomic handle that ensures comfortable carrying even when full to the cleverly integrated bottom grip that simplifies pouring operations. The jug's seamless interior is specifically designed to prevent the accumulation of residues, maintaining the purity of your stored liquids.

This jug is not just about practicality; it's also designed with space economy in mind. The stackable feature is a boon for organizing supplies in limited spaces, making it an ideal choice for emergency preparedness, industrial use, or domestic storage. It’s a true asset for both commercial and private environments where health and safety standards are paramount.

The versatility of our jug extends to its compatibility with a variety of closure systems, further expanding its application range. With its exceptional temperature tolerance for hot fills, it stands as a dependable container for food industry professionals.

Engineered to meet stringent UN standards for the transportation of hazardous substances, it assures compliance and peace of mind. Its robust constitution is not compromised over time, ensuring that it remains a steadfast part of your storage solutions.

Invest in the Blue 5-Gallon Jug for a practical, safe, and efficient storage option.

    Technical Description:
  1. Material: Constructed from 100% high-density polyethylene.
  2. Capacity: Features a large 5-gallon volume for ample storage.
  3. Handle: Includes an easy-grip, non-breakable molded-in handle.
  4. Heat Tolerance: Suitable for hot fill up to 160°F.
  5. Stackability: Designed for easy stacking to save space.
  6. Certifications: FDA and USDA approved for food storage.


  • Capacity 5 Gallon
  • Color Blue
  • Material HDPE
  • Liquid UN Rating 1H1/Y1.8/150/20
  • Type Round
  • Temp. Range High 160
  • Weight 2.6 lbs
  • Diameter 11 9/16"
  • Height 14 7/8"
  • Standards UN Rated, FDA Compliant, BPA Free, USDA Compliant

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about 5 Gal Round HDPE Plastic Jug with molded Handle | Blue | with Screw Cap | 3 Pack
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Question: Can the Blue 5-Gallon Jug withstand high temperatures for sanitization? By Michael T.
Answer: Absolutely. It's hot fill capable up to 160°F, suitable for various sanitization needs.
Question: Is the container suitable for storing food products? By Anna R.
Answer: Yes, it is FDA and USDA-approved for food storage.
Question: How durable is the handle when the jug is fully loaded? By Lucas B.
Answer: The jug features a non-breakable, molded-in handle designed for strength and durability.
Question: Can this jug be stacked with others for storage? By Sara J.
Answer: Indeed, it's designed with a stackable top and bottom for efficient space utilization.
Question: What makes this jug suitable for hazardous materials? By Omar F.
Answer: It has a 1H1/Y1.8/150/20 UN rating, indicating its safety for low to medium hazard liquids.
Question: Does it come with a screw cap, and are there other closure options available? By Tina M.
Answer: A 70 mm screw cap is included, and for alternative closures, our Customer Service Experts can provide assistance.

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