4 Gallon Plastic Jug Closed-Head with 70mm Cap | Blue Color

4 Gallon Plastic Jug Closed-Head with 70mm Cap | Blue Color

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4 Gallon Plastic Jug Closed-Head with 70mm Cap Blue Color

Product Description
Experience the pinnacle of storage efficiency with our American-made 4 Gallon Plastic Jug, available in a selection of colors: vibrant blue, sleek black, or classic natural. Each jug is a testament to quality, crafted from 100% high-density food-grade polyethylene, ensuring your contents remain safe and uncontaminated as they are entirely BPA-free.

Our jug is not just a container; it's a solution designed with the precision of space-saving in mind. The rectangular design and cleverly notched bottom permit effortless stacking, making the most out of every inch of your storage area. Durability meets design with this USA-manufactured jug, offering a long-lasting, reliable option for any storage need.

This container doesn't shy away from the tough stuff; it's UN-rated for hazardous materials, providing a trusted barrier between your products and the environment. The handling is a breeze thanks to the robust built-in handle, fortified against breakage, and ensures a firm grip for smooth pouring and easy transportation.

We've thought of every detail. The jug boasts a seamless interior alongside an in-line spout, which together facilitate complete draining and prevent residue build-up. The added 70 mm cap increases its functionality, transforming it seamlessly into a 4 Gallon Water Jug if needed.

Crafted with high molecular weight polyethylene, this jug meets FDA and USDA standards, making it a versatile ally for both industrial and food-related uses. It's capable of handling hot fills up to 160°F, and the design is both space-efficient and stackable, with the top and bottom shapes providing secure nesting for stability when stacked.

Whether you're storing sensitive materials, food products, or simply need a reliable container, our 4 Gallon Plastic Jug is your go-to for quality, safety, and convenience.

    Key Features
  • Material: 100% High-Density Food Grade Polyethylene
  • Color Options: Blue, Black, Natural
  • Capacity: 4 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 12" x 11" x 10"
  • Safety: BPA-Free & UN-Rated for Hazardous Materials
  • Temperature Tolerance: Hot fill capable up to 160°F

Additional Description
Beyond its practicality, our 4 Gallon Plastic Jug is an epitome of smart design. The seamless interior and in-line spout design ensure no liquid is left behind after pouring, maintaining the purity of your products. With a jug that stands up to the heat of up to 160°F, the scope of its use is broadened exponentially, from warm sauces to hot-fill beverages.

The stackability of these jugs is unmatched, with a notched bottom and top that nest snugly into one another, promoting stable stacking even when filled. The elimination of handle breakage is no small feat either; this means you can carry even heavy loads without a second thought about the handle giving way.

As a container approved by the FDA and USDA, our jugs confidently hold food substances, while also being a resilient option for industrial use with their UN-rating for hazardous materials. The inclusion of a 70 mm cap complements the jug, ensuring that whether it's water or something more potent, the contents are sealed securely.

Choose our 4 Gallon Plastic Jug for an unbeatable combination of practicality, durability, and safety, all while supporting American manufacturing.

    Technical Descriptions
  1. Manufacture: Crafted in the USA for unparalleled quality assurance.
  2. Material Integrity: Constructed from high molecular weight polyethylene for robustness.
  3. Design Efficiency: Ergonomically designed for superior stackability and space optimization.
  4. Functionality: Molded-in handle for secure grip and ease of use in pouring.
  5. Draining: In-line spout ensures complete, seamless draining.
  6. Heat Resistance: Safely manages hot fills, withstanding temperatures up to 160°F.


  • Size:4 gallons
  • Dimensions: :12" x 11" x 10"
  • Material:: HDPE(high density Food Grade polyethylene) and BPA Free
  • Country of Manufacture:: USA
  • Handle Type:: Built-In
  • Color:: Blue
  • Temperature:: Hot fill up to 160° F
  • Rating::UN 3H1/Y1.8/100/21 USA M6556
  • Cap Type::70 mm Screw-Type

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about 4 Gallon Plastic Jug Closed-Head with 70mm Cap | Blue Color

Question: Can this jug withstand hot liquids, such as boiling water? by Mark B.
Answer: Yes, the 4 Gallon Plastic Jug can handle hot fills up to 160° F, making it suitable for storing hot liquids.
Question: Is the 70mm cap secure enough to prevent leakage, especially during transport? by Julia M.
Answer: Absolutely, the included 70mm cap creates a secure seal, effectively preventing leaks during transportation.
Question: Does the built-in handle provide a sturdy grip even when the jug is full? by Sam T.
Answer: Yes, the easy-grip molded-in handle is designed to provide a secure grip, ensuring easy pouring and maneuvering even when the jug is filled to capacity.
Question: Is this jug safe to use for food storage given it's made from plastic? by Nina R.
Answer: Yes, this jug is made from 100% high-density Food Grade polyethylene and is both FDA and USDA approved, making it safe for food storage.
Question: Given its stackable design, is there a limit to how many of these jugs can be safely stacked on top of each other? by Jack V.
Answer: There's no specific limit provided by the manufacturer, but it's always best to stack only to a height that is safe and stable to prevent any accidents.
Question: What color options are available for this jug? By Taylor B.
Answer: The jug comes in blue, black, or natural colors to suit your preference.
Question: How much liquid can this jug hold? By Jordan P.
Answer: It has a generous capacity of 4 gallons.
Question: Is this product safe for food storage? By Casey L.
Answer: Absolutely, it's BPA-free and FDA/USDA approved for food storage.
Question: Can I stack these jugs when they're filled? By Jamie W.
Answer: Yes, they are designed to nest securely for stable stacking, even when full.
Question: What is the maximum temperature for liquids in this jug? By Alex R.
Answer: It's designed to handle hot fills up to 160°F.
Question: Does the jug come with a cap? By Morgan F.
Answer: Yes, it includes a 70 mm cap for secure sealing.

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