11 Ounces Per Stroke Beckson Pvc Siphon/stroke Drum Pumps

Versatile PVC Drum Siphon Pump - Fits 15-55 Gallon Drums, 11oz/Stroke

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Efficient PVC Drum Pump for Chemicals - 11oz/Stroke

The Beckson PVC Siphon/Stroke Drum Pump stands as a paragon of industrial utility and efficiency, expertly engineered to transfer liquids with unparalleled ease. Designed to handle a broad spectrum of substances, from alkalis and detergents to waxes and water, this pump ensures a consistent delivery of 11 ounces per stroke, making it a workhorse for various applications.

Its robust construction featuring 100% PVC material offers a lightweight yet durable solution for daily use in harsh industrial environments. The pump's resilience is further enhanced by its chemical-resistant Viton® valves and Hypalon® seals, ensuring longevity and reliability even when dealing with aggressive chemicals.

The ergonomically designed 36-inch housing facilitates ease of operation, while the accompanying 48-inch discharge hose provides exceptional reach and precision, directing the flow of liquids into targeted containers, minimizing spillage and waste. With its ability to fit drums up to 36 inches high, it offers versatility for different storage sizes, adding to its wide-ranging appeal.

Operation is a breeze with the simple pump action—prime with one or two pumps of the handle, leave the handle up, and watch as the siphon action takes over, delivering a steady and controlled flow. The flow halts as soon as the handle is lowered, and the hose is detached, ensuring user control and safety.

Designed for adaptability, the suction tube can be adjusted to fit 15 to 55-gallon drums, making it a universally applicable tool for your liquid transfer needs. The rugged build, complemented by Hypalon® valves and seals, and a 4-foot clear vinyl hose, is testament to the pump's quality and design excellence.

    Key Features:
  • Material: Durable 100% PVC construction for chemical resistance.
  • Valves/Seals: Viton® valves and Hypalon® seals withstand harsh substances.
  • Capacity: Efficiently delivers 11 ounces per stroke.
  • Flexibility: Adjustable for 15 – 55-gallon drums with a 2" NPS bung adapter.
  • Dimensions: 36-inch housing with a 48-inch discharge hose for targeted pouring.
  • Usability: Easy priming and siphoning action with manual control over flow.

Additional Product Description: The Beckson PVC Siphon/Stroke Drum Pump stands as a beacon of functionality and convenience in the realm of liquid transfer. The pump's ability to siphon and pump gives it a dual functionality that is essential for efficient fluid management. Whether you are dealing with industrial solvents, cleaning agents, or simply transferring water, this pump is designed to simplify the process.

The ease of use begins with a simple priming mechanism. By pumping the handle once or twice, the pump primes and readies itself for siphoning. The handle's intuitive design ensures that the siphon flow begins with the handle in an upward position and stops when lowered. This feature not only provides convenience but also enhances safety by preventing unwanted spills.

The Beckson PVC Siphon/Stroke Drum Pump is an indispensable tool for industries and operations where fluid transfer is a routine yet critical task. Its thoughtful design, combined with robust materials, ensures that it can withstand the rigors of everyday use while delivering consistent performance.

    Technical Description:
  1. Siphon/Stroke Mechanism: Dual-function pump with 11 oz per stroke efficiency.
  2. Chemical Resistance: Equipped with Viton® valves and Hypalon® seals for durability.
  3. Compatibility: Adjustable suction tube fits various drum sizes (15-55 gallons).
  4. Construction: Made with high-quality PVC for long-lasting use.
  5. Hose Length: Includes a 4' clear vinyl hose for extended reach.
  6. Bung Adapter: Comes with a 2" NPS bung adapter for secure drum fitting.


  • Description: Pump, 11 ounces per stroke
  • Wt.: 5 lbs.
  • Length: 41"
  • Width: 5"
  • Height : 3"

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about 11 Ounces Per Stroke Beckson Pvc Siphon/stroke Drum Pumps

Question: Can it transfer corrosive liquids? By Anne B.
Answer: Yes, with chemical-resistant valves and seals.
Question: Is it suitable for food substances? By Mike W.
Answer: It is best used for industrial chemicals, not food.
Question: How to stop the flow? By Lucy P.
Answer: Lower the handle to stop the flow instantly.
Question: Is assembly required? By Omar F.
Answer: No, it comes ready to use with all parts included.
Question: Can it fit smaller drums? By Sara T.
Answer: Yes, it adjusts to fit 15-55 gallon drums.
Question: Is the hose replaceable? By Ken L.
Answer: Yes, the hose can be replaced if needed.
Question: How much liquid does it dispense? By Theo C.
Answer: It dispenses 11 ounces per stroke.
Question: Is it portable? By Jane D.
Answer: Yes, it's lightweight and easy to move.

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