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White Color with Blue Stripes Blemish Plastic Drum 55 gallon Sink Faucet- Food Grade -food-grade Approved Material Approved Plastic Get a Truck Load of 350 for $49.95 each FREE SHIPPING!!! THE NEW BLEMS ARE SOLD OUT!! These Go Fast; Only 300 250 196 158 127 73 0 left! SOLD OUT!!!

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Let the Good times Roll...The Factory Mistake is your Gain! We now have New 55 Gallon White BLEM Water Barrels, Factory 2nds. These 55 Gallon Plastic Drums are tight head with 2-2" Bung caps.
This Barrel is structurally perfect, with no defects other then the color streak.
Note: blue streaks can vary from small to large sizes,and can occur on more than one side of the barrel.
These New 55 gallon barrels have a color blemish of blue in the plastic from a color change from blue to natural pigment.

Please watch the barrel video for a visual description.

New 55gallon, white drums have a low price of $69.95, which includes the shipping. These barrels usually ship within one business day and if your outside of Texas there is NO TAX!

The factory fresh White Water Blemish Barrels are made from Sink Faucet- Food Grade -food-grade Approved Material approved,Food Grade HDPE Plastic; this means that they are BPA Free and ready to use for your water storage.

Solid Mould Closed Top Non-Removable Top (access is thru Two 2" Bung Holes)

Remove water from your barrel with optional Plastic Water Barrel Siphon Pump

HDPE - High Density Polyethylene, & Sink Faucet- Food Grade -food-grade Approved Material- Food & Drug Administration Approved Material UN-United Nations and DOT-Department of Transportation Approved Plastic Drum.
These labels mean they can withstand the requirements needed to transport liquids across state borders.

White with Blue Streaks Only. Dimensions: 23 X 23 X 35

Two 2" Bung Caps Included -One 2"Fine Thread and -One 2" Buttress Course Thread with 3/4" fine thread punch-out (For water faucet}

This a limited Quantity of New White Blemish Drums.

Notice; With the average cost for shipping per Barrel at approx $39.75 each this is a substantial savings over any other plastic 55 gallon drum or plastic barrel sold on the Internet today. Please don't take our word for a search yourself. These New 55 Gallon White and Blue Blem Color Plastic Water Barrels are all Sink Faucet Food Grade -food-grade Approved Material approved for Food Products and are Free Shipping for a Limited Time.

***Get a Truck Load of 350 for $49.95 each FREE SHIPPING!!!***

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE: We have a very limited amount of these drums, therefore we cannot guarantee stock availability. All orders will be processed on a first come basis. We will receive a different color blemish each month,so when they are sold we will not be able to ship until the next shipment is delivered.

Only limited Stock!

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Detailed Description

* These White Blemished Water Barrels allow you to store 55 gallons of emergency water safely. * Use our Water Preserver Concentrate Purogene(sold separately, to keep water purified for a year or longer. * UN 1H1/Y1.8/100 certified for use with Water Preserver Concentrate Purogene(sold separately) * Most cost effective way to store Large quantities of emergency water * Accessories: Purogene Water Preserver Concentrate, Siphon Pump, Bung Wrench and Tamper Evident Cap Seals (sold separately) * High molecular weight polyethylene * 2.2 mm minimum wall thickness * Sink Faucet Food Grade Approved Material approved High Density Polyethylene * Weight: 24 lbs. Height: 35". Top Diameter: 23". Bottom Diameter: 21". * Molded top ring to facilitate handling using hoist, parrot grabber, side grabber, hand truck and fork-lift * One 2" Course Thread closure and one 2" inch Fine Thread closure with 3/4" NPT insert * Accommodates both vented and non-vented plugs and/or dispensing equipment

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