Office Space Floor Heating Blanket 2' x 2'

Office Space Floor Heating Blanket 2' x 2'

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Desk Floor Heating Blanket

The Extra Hot Power Blanket is the most simple, safe solution available for space heating. Traditional space heaters draw a ridiculous amount of power, blow circuits, and are against most building codes because they are dangerous and considered fire hazards. The PowerBlanket draws the same amount of power as a 95 watt bulb and can be left plugged in all year round, it can never overheat. The Power Blanket only heats the desired area, preventing conflicts of room temperatures with other employees or people in the area. Cover the PowerBlanket with your favorite non-insulated rug, or skip the frou-frou and just leave it bare

The Perfect Solution on how to keep your feet and body warm on those cold days is with the 8EH0202 2'x2' universal heating pad from Power blanket. Place it underneath your desk or chair for a warm radiant heat. Our patented heat spreading technology ensures no burns or overheating, yet it's durable and water resistant. Indoor or out, you can now enjoy Power blanket's amazing heating technology. Stay toasty warm all day long.

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  • Size | 2x2 feet
  • Min allowable temp for Guaranteed Results | 10°
  • Target temp | 75° to 80°
  • Voltage | 120 volts
  • Power | 95 watts
  • Current | 0.79 amps
  • Max per 20amp plug | 20 blankets
  • Coverage per 20amp plug | 80 square feet
  • Overnight thaw depth | 18 inches

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