Drum Leak Repair Kits, Steel Tools

Drum Leak Repair Kits, Steel Tools

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Drum Leak Repair Kits, Steel Tools

Given the limited space here, I'll start with a brief description you can expand upon:

Our Drum Leak Repair Kit is an indispensable tool designed for hazmat trained personnel, offering a robust solution to contain and manage unexpected leaks in industrial environments. This premium-quality kit is your first line of defense against spills, providing a temporary yet rapid response to seal punctures, gashes, and cracks. Crafted with the highest quality stainless steel hardware, our kit ensures durability and reliability when you need it most...

The comprehensive set includes a variety of patches, plugs, and tapes, all housed within a rugged, heavy-gauge steel storage case for easy transportation and access. The kit's versatility allows for a wide range of applications, from sealing drums to patching up containers, making it an essential component of any safety protocol in hazardous materials handling. The inclusion of Plug N' Dike putty enhances the kit's effectiveness, allowing for a more versatile and adaptable approach to leak management...

Developed with the user in mind, our Drum Leak Repair Kit is not only functional but also easy to use. Whether it's a chime leak patch or a solid neoprene material for broader applications, this kit is equipped to handle various leak scenarios. The thoughtful composition of the kit—featuring an array of surface plugs, ball plugs, and sheet metal screw patches—covers the most common leak challenges. Accompanied by an OSHA-approved barricade tape, it also ensures compliance with safety regulations...

Designed for use in demanding conditions, our kit includes tools that can be used in both hot and cold environments, showcasing its adaptability to different workplace situations. From the 200-foot roll of barricade tape to the 9-piece wood wedge pack, each component plays a critical role in leak containment and control. The sorbent pad included is perfect for immediate cleanup, preventing the spread of liquids and minimizing the environmental impact of spills...

The Drum Leak Repair Kit is more than just a set of tools; it represents peace of mind for industries where leaks can cause significant disruptions and pose environmental hazards. It's an investment in safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility...

    Key Features :
  • Comprehensive Repair Tools: Includes plugs, patches, tapes, and more for versatile leak containment.
  • High-Quality Materials: Stainless steel hardware ensures durability and longevity.
  • Plug N' Dike Putty: Adaptable sealant for a variety of leak types.
  • Heavy-Gauge Steel Case: For secure storage and easy transport of kit components.
  • OSHA-Approved Safety: Barricade tape included for immediate area marking.
  • Essential Tools Provided: All necessary hand tools included for immediate response.

Additional Product Description:

The Drum Leak Repair Kit is an essential asset for any facility that handles hazardous materials. Its robust construction and comprehensive selection of repair components make it the go-to solution for industrial leak emergencies. The kit not only serves as a functional toolset but also as a cornerstone of any environmental safety plan, ensuring that leaks are dealt with swiftly and effectively...

    Technical Description:
  1. Kit Composition: Features a selection of patches and plugs suitable for various leak sizes.
  2. Neoprene Materials: Provides 8"x12" solid neoprene for custom patch creation.
  3. Hot/Cold Application: Includes hot or cold hose tape for temperature variant repairs.
  4. Barricade Tape: Comes with 200 feet of OSHA-approved tape for secure area marking.
  5. Cleanup Tools: Contains an 18"x18" sorbent pad for spill absorption.
  6. Hand Tools: Screwdriver, pliers, wrench, mallet, and drift pin for diverse repair tasks.


  • Description Drum leak kit,steel tools
  • Wt. 17 lb
  • Pricing Unit Each

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about Drum Leak Repair Kits, Steel Tools

Question: Can the kit be used on all types of drums? By Mike W.
Answer: Yes, it's versatile for various drum materials and leak types.
Question: Is the kit suitable for high-temperature leaks? By Anna B.
Answer: Absolutely, it includes materials for both hot and cold leak repairs.
Question: How quickly can a leak be contained using this kit? By Josh C.
Answer: Leak containment can be immediate with the right application.
Question: Are the repair materials resistant to chemicals? By Laura D.
Answer: Yes, materials are designed to withstand various industrial chemicals.
Question: Is the kit easy to transport to different sites? By Omar F.
Answer: The steel case is durable and portable for on-site repairs.
Question: Does the kit come with instructions? By Tina G.
Answer: Comprehensive instructions are included for effective use.
Question: Can the kit be used for long-term repairs? By Eric H.
Answer: It's for temporary fixes until permanent repairs can be made.
Question: Are additional tools required for the repair? By Nora J.
Answer: No, it includes all necessary tools for immediate response.

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