Tank and Rail car Leak Repair Kits Steel Tools

Tank and Rail car Leak Repair Kits Steel Tools

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All-Weather Tank & Railcar Repair Kit - OSHA Compliant Safety

The Tank and Railcar Leak Repair Kit is engineered for immediate response to contain and repair leaks in industrial containers. This heavy-duty, premium-quality kit provides a temporary yet robust solution to seal punctures, gashes, and cracks in tanks and railcars. Designed specifically for hazmat trained personnel, it ensures safety and efficacy with its highest quality stainless steel hardware and versatile repair components. The kit comes neatly organized in a durable heavy-gauge steel storage case, making it ideal for quick transportation to the site of a leak...

This comprehensive kit includes a range of repair tools tailored for different types of damage: six surface plugs and two ball plugs cover various puncture sizes, while five sheet metal screw patches, T-bolt patches, and specialized neoprene patches with nylon straps offer flexibility for sealing larger damaged areas. The Plug N' Dike putty and epoxy putty provide a reliable seal for temporary repairs, and the hot or cold hose tape is suitable for all weather conditions. Safety during repair is ensured with a 200-foot roll of OSHA-approved barricade tape, and the cleanup is facilitated with a 9-piece wood wedge pack and an 18-inch x 18-inch sorbent pad. The kit also includes essential hand tools such as a screwdriver, pliers, adjustable wrench, rubber mallet, and drift pin, ensuring that hazmat personnel have everything they need to effectively contain leaks...

    Key Features:
  • Quick Leak Containment: Effectively seals leaks in moments...
  • High-Quality Construction: Stainless steel hardware ensures durability...
  • Comprehensive Repair Tools: Various plugs and patches for different leak types...
  • Plug N' Dike Putty: For a reliable seal that adheres even to oily surfaces...
  • Portable and Organized: Packaged in a heavy-gauge steel storage case...
  • OSHA-Compliant Safety: Includes barricade tape for secure area marking...

Additional Product Description
Boasting an array of essential repair components, this kit is a must-have for industrial facilities that handle hazardous materials. The inclusion of twin-"T" neoprene foam patches and stainless-backed neoprene rubber patches with nylon straps demonstrates the kit's adaptability to diverse repair scenarios. These high-quality materials are chosen for their resilience and compatibility with various substances, ensuring that repairs hold up until permanent solutions are applied. The 28 inch x 28 inch neoprene foam material and solid neoprene sheets provide additional options for custom repairs...

The Plug N' Dike putty is a standout feature, specially formulated to adhere quickly and firmly, providing an impervious seal against leaks. This, alongside the tube of epoxy putty and lead wool for puncture repair, means that no leak is too challenging for the kit to handle. The sorbent pad aids in cleanup, helping to maintain a safe and clean work environment after the leak is contained...

Packaged in a structured heavy-gauge steel storage case, the kit's organization aids in rapid deployment. The case is built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, protecting its contents from damage during transport or storage. Each component is easily accessible, allowing for quick selection and use during time-critical situations...

    Technical Description:
  1. Usability: Specifically designed for hazmat trained personnel.
  2. Sealing Materials: Plug N' Dike putty and epoxy putty included.
  3. Patch Options: Variety of patches for all leak sizes and shapes.
  4. Case Durability: Made with heavy-gauge steel for optimal protection.
  5. Safety Compliance: Barricade tape included for hazard marking.
  6. Tool Assortment: All necessary hand tools provided for immediate use.


  • Capacity: Suitable for various tank and railcar sizes (recommended)
  • Material: Stainless steel hardware and neoprene patches
  • Weight: [insert weight here] for easy transport
  • Dimensions: [insert dimensions here] for storage convenience
  • Usage: Designed for hazmat professionals for emergency repairs

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about Tank and Rail car Leak Repair Kits Steel Tools

Question: Is the kit suitable for all weather conditions? By Sara T.
Answer: Yes, with hot or cold hose tape, it's ideal for any weather.
Question: Are the repair components reusable? By Max R.
Answer: Some components are for one-time use due to safety protocols.
Question: How long do the temporary repairs last? By Olivia L.
Answer: They last until a permanent fix can be safely implemented.
Question: Is the kit certified for safety compliance? By Henry K.
Answer: Yes, it includes OSHA-approved barricade tape for safety.
Question: Can the kit seal large cracks on tank surfaces? By Ava P.
Answer: Absolutely, with its variety of patches and putties for large repairs.
Question: Does the kit work on different tank materials? By Ethan J.
Answer: Yes, it's designed for versatility across various tank materials.
Question: Are the tools resistant to chemical exposure? By Mia C.
Answer: Yes, tools are made with stainless steel for chemical resistance.
Question: How compact is the kit for transport and storage? By Noah B.
Answer: Its heavy-gauge steel case makes it compact and portable.

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