Ultra Spill Decks

 Ultra Spill Decks
When to Choose the Right Deck for Your Drums

We Must First Identify How Many Containers You Have, What Sizes, And What Is Inside. Determine Whether Individual Decks Are Required Or Perhaps Decks Holding 2, 4, 6 Or 8 Containers Would Be Better For Your Facility. Do You Need A Ramp For Loading? Does The Deck Need To Be Forklift Table?

BayTec Has Many EPA 40 CFR 264.175 and UFC regulations Ultra Spill Decks Available

If you need assistance in determining the type and size of deck you need, contact our Customer Service Experts.

When you store containers on a deck, incidental spills and splashes go into the base, helping protect your plant floor. BayTec offers decks in a range of materials, sizes, and heights - each product listing contains its specifications

BayTec offers decks that hold multiple containers. For example, you can choose single decks, or decks that can accommodate 2, 4, 6 or 8 containers.

If You Have Questions? We have a highly trained team of Experts ready to help answer your questions. If Don't Have The Answer, We will Find It For You! Contact us at 1.800.560.2334
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