Ultra Spill Decks T-strip, 26"

Ultra Spill Decks T-strip, 26"

Item Number# 8SP1131

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  • Space-saving hidden bladder system unfurls to handle major leaks
  • Ultra-low profile, only 5 3/4" high
  • Perfect for filling, dispensing, and storage stations
  • These space-saving decks are the only low-profile containment systems that meet EPA 40 CFR 264.175 and UFC regulations. Small leaks and spills are collected in the UV-resistant polyethylene sump. Patented polyethylene spill bladder deploys when the sump fills up, preventing a dangerous and messy overflow. Completely modular units are also easily connected together to build any size or shape system needed. Bulkhead fittings allow spilled liquid to flow from one module to the next, increasing the spill capacity of your system.

    6-drum System is supplied complete with bulkhead fitting and T-strip. 8-drum system has four removable grates and a one-piece sump. Meets EPA and UFC requirements without bladders. Also accepts bladder attachments for extra security.

    Description: T-strip, 26"
    Wt: 1 lbs.

    T-Strips fit each connection crevice to keep liquid out of the seam when connecting spill decks together.


    T-strip, 26"

    Wt.: 1 lb

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