Counter-Blanced  Drum Transporter - Power Lift Model Easy Lift

Counter-Blanced Drum Transporter - Power Lift Model Easy Lift

Item Number# 8EL600CBDC
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Power Model - Easy Lift™ Counter Balanced Drum Transporter - 8EL600CBDC

Because it has no legs and a corrected counter weight, the counter balanced drum transporter is suitable for storing drums in cabinets or under air piston pumps. If you need to put drums on the side of a scale or containment pallet where the corner is not accessible, this is a great solution.

An AGM deep cycle battery charger, key switch, and battery discharge indicator are all part of the power lift drum transporter's DC power lift system. With a minimum height of 20 inches, the counterbalanced drum transporter can raise steel, poly, and fiber drums up to 54 inches high and set them 4.25 inches in front of the casters. Darcor® 8-inch x 2-inch bearing casters make it easier to transport big goods around the room. The safety yellow powder coating and step-down floor lock on this device make it long-lasting.

To engage the clamping mechanism, the top rim of the drum must be at least 3/16 inch thick. The minimum and maximum height requirements for drums are 21 and 54 inches, respectively.

"Legless" unit for Extended Reach; no cornering necessary Only 24" wide 600 lb. capacity and 20" lift height Handles poly, fiber and steel drums 21" - 54" H With a counter balance to even the load, it's narrow 24" width for navigating through narrow aisles, and its "legless" design for placing drums into tight areas such as cabinets, this unit delivers a lot of value for the money. Dimensions: 24" W x 40" L x 40" H. Standard and Spark Resistant Model features a foot operated manual lift. Power Lift Model is equipped with a 24V battery system and built-in charger. Optional increased lift height and capacity are available.

  1. Power lift model
  2. 20" Lift
  3. 600 lb. capacity
  4. Handles drums 21" - 54" high


  • Description: Power lift model
  • Lift Height: 20"
  • Caoacuty: 600 lb.
  • Handles drums 21" - 54" high
  • Description Power lift model
  • Total Wt. 874 lb
  • Pricing Unit Each

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