These Rain Water Barrels Have the following Advantages;Removable top for easy cleaning,You can add a downspout diverter int the top,The barrel can be left in the rain without the lid to collect rain water.

For Quality, Function, Design, and Safety Our Rain Water barrel is Unmatched!

Stores 55 gallons of Rain Water Ready for your gardening needs, this barrel replenishes its water supply every time it rains. You'll capture the fresh, untreated water otherwise lost to runoff. Automatic Downspout Diverter (Option) Nothing to watch, nothing to flip. The Downspout Diverter can be added to your house downspout to divert excess rain water to a garden,lawn or distant runoff area.

Versatile, convenient Bulkhead Fitting will not leak in cold weather The food grade plastic spigot is threaded so you can attach a garden hose directly to the barrel, or a second (bottom) access allows direct hose hookup while maintaining spigot availability.Premium Design, Premium Quality! Built with only the best materials, It's a full 1/8 inch thick. Formed from 22 pounds of UV protected, durable plastic, it will stand up to the forces of nature for years to come.
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