How To Build A Rain Barrel or Rain Water Barrels

How To Build A Rain Barrel or Rain Water Barrels

1 - 55 gallon polyethylene plastic Juice Barrel or Soda Drink barre1

1 - 10 foot length of 2 inch PVC pipe

1 - 2 inch PVC elbow 1 - 2 inch female threaded by 2 inch PVC elbow

1 - 2 inch male threaded by 2 inch pipe adapter 1 -Bulkhead fitting 

1 - 3/4 inch Plastic faucet

1 - 1 foot by 2 foot piece of old or new screen fabric

 1 - 1gallon plastic bucket, tub or flowerpot 4 - cinder blocks Optional - paint to match your house color


Jig Saw Power Drill with 3/4 inch Spade Bit


Pipe Wrench

Pump Pliers Screw Driver Hack Saw Tape Measure


Step 1 - Inflow - Cut a hole in the top of Rain Barrel to allow rainwater to enter the barrel and to access the inside of the barrel. The hole should be just large enough to snugly fit the 1gallon plastic bucket, tub or flowerpot. The bucket will be used to support a screen to keep mosquitoes and debris out. Cut a 3/4 inch holes in the bucket.

Step 2 - Spigot - Drill a 3/4 inch hole close to bottom of the 55 gallon Rain Barrel . Install one bulkhead fitting. Then Install Plastic water faucet or flowrite faucet. Donot use brass fittings.
Note: A brass fitting or faucet will cause the plastic to crack as the weather changes, also do not install a faucet without a bulkhead fitting as the barrel will leak after a month of turning on and off the faucet.

Step 3 - Down Spout Modification ­Prepare the area under the down spout where you want to install the rain barrel. Remove the old down spout and splash block and level the area where the barrel will sit. Place the concrete blocks so they are sloped slightly downward away from the house. Set the Rain Barrel on the blocks. With a hacksaw cut the down spout so it is just long enough to fit into the bucket on top of the rain barrel.

Step 4 - Overflow - You should provide an overflow for water if the barrel fills to the top. With a jig saw, cut a hole in the side of the Rain Barrel large enough to fit the 2 inch male threaded by 2 inch pipe adapter. Place this fitting inside the barrel and thread it into the 2 inch female threaded by 2 inch PVC elbow on the outside of the barrel. Seal with silicone. Cut a length of 2 inch PVC pipe long enough to reach the ground. Attach a 2 inch PVC elbow to the bottom of this pipe and cut another length of 2 inch pipe to connect to a splash block.

Don't drill the hole too far down inside the barrel where you can't reach it from the access hole on top (or else you may need the help of a friend with very long arms)!

Best Solution!! Buy a Rain Barrel Pre-made from us and don't worry about leaks. Please call if you have any questions.


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