OilSorb Refill 5 Gallon Spill Response Kits

OilSorb Refill 5 Gallon Spill Response Kits

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OilSorb Refill 5 Gallon Spill Response Kits

Replacing only the things you use will conveniently refill your 5 gallons (oil only) Spill Response Kit.

The following items are included in the Oil Refill Kit:
  1. Socks (four) (3-inch x 48 inch)
  2. Pads (6) (15 inch x 19 inch)
  3. (1) Wire Tie & Disposal Bag
  4. (1) Label of Caution
  5. (1) Labels Made of Petroleum
  6. Instructions for the Spill Kit

The oil-only socks are made of a poly-filled absorbent material that is designed to absorb petroleum-based fluids. These socks absorb more oil and may be left on the job longer since they absorb petroleum-based liquids rather than water. In addition, the socks float, which aids in the removal of watery hydrocarbons. These oil-only socks are perfect for containing spilt liquids or wrapping around leaking devices in minutes.

  • Absorbs more than 5 gallons
  • Ideal for shipping/receiving areas, workstations
  • Easy to carry, easy to store

  • You need to control spills fast. With Baytec FIRST RESPONSE™ Spill Kits, you’re ready! The difference between a minor incident and a major environmental disaster can hinge on your choice of first-response™ materials and the speed of your response.

    What will you do when a spill occurs? All Baytec First Response™ Spill Kits come pre-packed with ready-to-use sorbents. They give you more of everything you need to respond fast.

    OilSorb™ Spill Kits work with oils, fuels, lubricants, and other hydrocarbon fluids. 100% polypropylene sorbent soaks up to 16 times its weight in liquids. Incinerates completely.

  • Description: OilSorb refill kit
  • Wt: 7 lbs.

  • Refill the 5 Gallon Oil Only Spill Response Kit with this convenient kit, replacing the items you use.

    Oil Refill Kit contains 4 socks (3-inch x 48 inches), 6 pads (15-inch x 19 inches), 1 disposal bag and wire tie, 1 warning label, 1 petroleum-based label, and spill kit instructions.

    Oil-only socks are a poly blend filled absorbent for petroleum-based fluids. By absorbing petroleum-based liquids and not water, these socks take in more oil and can be left at the job longer.

    They also float for the cleanup of waterborne hydrocarbons. Oil-only socks are ideal for surrounding spilled fluids or wrapping around leaky machines, containing spills from spreading into larger areas.


    • Material Polyethylene
    • Weight 7 lbs
    • Includes Bag(s), Bag Tie, Instructions, Pads, Socks, Warning label
    • OilSorb™ refill kit
    • Absorbs more than 5 gallons
    • Use to fill 5 gallon pail

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