OilSorb 5 Gallon Spill Response Kits

OilSorb 5 Gallon Spill Response Kits

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  • Absorbs more than 5 gallons
  • Ideal for shipping/receiving areas, work stations
  • Re-sealable UN-Approved twist-top pail for easy access
  • Easy to carry, easy to store
  • You need to control spills fast. With Baytec FIRST RESPONSE™ Spill Kits, you’re ready! The difference between a minor incident and a major environmental disaster can hinge on your choice of first-response™ materials and the speed of your response.

    What will you do when a spill occurs? All Baytec First Response™ Spill Kits come pre-packed with ready-to-use sorbents. They give you more of everything you need to respond fast.

    OilSorb™ Spill Kits work with oils, fuels, lubricants and other hydrocarbon fluids. 100% polypropylene sorbent soaks up to 16 times its weight in liquids. Incinerates completely.

    Description: OilSorb spill kit
    Wt: 9 lbs.

    This Oil only commercial spill kit contains the following Items: 1 ea, 5 gallon pail with cover UN Rated (1H2/Y27/S), 4 ea socks (3 inch x 48 inch), 6ea pads (15 inch x 19 inch), 1 disposal bag and wire tie, 1 warning label, 1 haz-mat response guidebook and spill kit instructions which will help you to be in compliance with Federal Haz-Mat Rules.

    Oil only socks are a poly blended fill absorbent for petroleum based fluids.

    In absorbing petroleum based liquids and not water, these socks take in more oil and can be left at the job longer. They also float for cleanup of waterborne hydrocarbons.

    This Oil only sock is ideal for controlling spilled fluids or wrapping leaking machines, containing spills from spreading into larger areas.

    Inexpensive refill kit (SKU 8RK5OS) allows you to buy just what you need.

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