No-Tilt Drum Lifter


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No-Tilt Drum Lifter - 8DL1

This drum lifter is designed for no-tilt hauling. A drum lifter that automatically adjusts can elevate an open-head drum with the cover removed. Protects adjacent drums and other objects from damage. With its compressing action, it instantly adapts to specific drum weights. The grip is firmer the heavier the drum. Individual operation. The opening for forklift tine or hook attachment is 5 inches wide by 2 and a half inches tall. Carbon steel welded construction...

  • Lifts 55 gallon Open and Closed-Head Steel Drums
  • Lifts drum without tilting
  • Drum lifter with built-in fork pocket
  • Capacity: 3000 lb
  • Handles: Open or closed 55 gallon steel drums
  • Designed for no-tilt lifting
  • Capacity (lbs.): 3000 lbs.
  • Wt. (lbs.): 45

  • Self-adjusting drum lifter will even lift an open-head drum with the cover removed. Instantly adapts to individual drum loads with its compressing action. The heavier the drum, the tighter the grip. One person operation with any overhead lifter. Opening for the lift truck fork is 2 1/2" x 5"—welded carbon steel construction...

    1. Use with 55 gallon open-head and closed-head steel drums with or without tops in place
    2. Mounts onto one fork of lift truck or hoist hook
    3. Lifts 55 gallon steel drums up to 3,000 lb without tilting the drum
    4. Capacity: 3000 lb
    5. Designed for no-tilt lifting


    • Description No-Tilt drum lifter
    • Capacity 3,000 lb.
    • Wt. 45 lb
    • Pricing Unit Each

    Q & A's

    Questions & Answers about No-Tilt Drum Lifter

    Question: How easy is it to operate the drum lifter? - Emily P.
    Answer The drum lifter can be operated by a single person.
    Question: Can this drum lifter be used with both open-head and closed-head drums? - Jack R.
    Answer Yes, the drum lifter can be used with both types of 55-gallon steel drums.
    Question: How much weight can the drum lifter lift without tilting the drum? - Olivia M.
    Answer The drum lifter can lift up to 3,000 lbs without tilting the drum.
    Question: What is the opening size for forklift tine or hook attachment? - Ethan T.
    Answer The opening for the forklift tine or hook attachment is 5 inches W x 2 1/2 inches H.
    Question: How does the self-adjusting feature of this drum lifter work? - Sophia K.
    Answer The drum lifter instantly adapts to individual drum loads with its compressing action, tightening its grip on heavier drums.

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