Mylar Bag Hot Jaw Heat Sealer

Mylar Bag Hot Jaw Heat Sealer

Item Number# 3175-HTJW
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Special Teflon Coated This is the most popular type of hot jaw sealer we carry and is Teflon coated. The two jaws have opposing grooves which are coated with Teflon (like a cooking pan) and when pressed together will melt the inner layer of on a Mylar Bag and create a solid 9/16" seal.

The Bag Sealer will work on any of the bag materials we sell.

Hot Jaw Bag Sealer Chain and Pedal Kit

Order the Teflon Coated Hot Jaw sealer with foot pedal chain kit for hands-free sealing!  Other similar quality hands-free bag sealers sell  for as much as $400.00. In this a Kit , the hot jaw sealer is secured by two clamps on to a flat table surface. The Foot pedal is attached to  the top jaw of the bag sealer. Press the foot pedal while sealing your bag. Clamp and pedal assembly made of cast iron.

Special  Hot Jaw Heat Sealer  foot pedal chain kit Regular Price $59.95 is only $37.95 when purchase with the Hot Jaw Bag Sealer. Must click add option when you purchase the Hot Jaw Sealer above add to cart.

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