High Lift Hydraulic Drum Handler <br>880 Lb. Capacity

High Lift Hydraulic Drum Handler
880 Lb. Capacity

Item Number# 880C
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High Lift Hydraulic Drum Handler 880 Lb. Capacity

MORSE® Mobile Drum Karrier - 880C

This high lift hydraulic drum handler has an extended lift range, lifting a 55 gallon drum 76.75 inches to the top of the drum and 42.5 inches from the bottom to the floor, allowing placement of a drum on most pickup truck beds, shelves, and racks. The simple width adjustment accommodates a wide range of pallets; simply remove the lock pin and the leg moves easily on casters.

  • Lifts, transports, and positions drums on pallets, pickup beds, and shelves.
  • Manually operated clamp latches onto most rimmed 55 and 85 gallon closed head drums.
  • It has a foot-operated hydraulic pump that provides.
  • 46th "lift per stroke
  • Capacity: 880 lbs
  • seven and a half "Moldon polyurethane swivel casters with precision roller bearings for maximum maneuverability, even in confined spaces
  • Leg span adjusts from 28.24" to 54.75"
  • Not for use with open-head drums or drums with lid rings.

  • Morse® drum handler transports, tilts and drains drums Handles up to 800 lbsThis is the faster, easier way to transport, tilt and drain drums. Drum handler can handle up to 800 lbs. Easy-to-operate tilt locks hold drum securely in vertical or horizontal position. Unlocked drum can be rotated through 360º for mixing and draining. All welded steel frame, alloy cinch chain, 8" polyolefin wheels with 4" swivel caster. Weight 95 lbs. Spark-resistant models available by special order. Model: 80I accepts all optional diameter adapters.

    1. Fits 55 Gallon Drums
    2. Type: Standard
    3. High-Lift hydraulic drum handler 42.5" Lift
    4. 880 lb. capacity
    5. Handles 55 and 85 gallon closed-head drums


    • Description High-Lift hydraulic drum handler
    • Wt. 220 lb
    • Pricing Unit Each

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    880 Lb. Capacity

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    880 Lb. Capacity
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