Drum Pump Funnel Catches Drips and Spills

Drum Pump Funnel Catches Drips and Spills
  • Eliminate messy drum tops
  • No more soggy absorbent pads
  • Available in different colors
  • Cleverly designed polyethylene funnel works with your drum pump to catch spills and drips and return them to the drum. Adjustable opening fits over the 2" bung opening and accepts any drum pump. 3/4" drain fits into the opposite bung opening. Five gallon capacity with splash guard. 24" diameter x 6" high. Available in choice of colors; perfect for at-a-glance product identification. Specify color: Red (R), Yellow (YL), Blue (BL), Green (GN), White (WH), Black (BLK), Orange (OR), or Gray (GY).

    Description: Drum pump funnel
    Color: Black
    Wt: 6 lbs.

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