Drum Heater Blankets

Drum Heater Blankets
Drum Heater Blankets
Drum Heater Blanketspowerblankets


Certified to UL/CSA Standards. Operates on only 120 Volts and for as little as .25˘ a day! Waterproof & extremely durable! Blanket Barrel Heaters - performance, and safety. The Blanket Drum Heater wraps around the entire outer surface creating a fast, even and consistent heating. This eliminates the need to adjust heaters and stir materials.

Our Drum Heater Blanket has a built in thermostat and maintains the desired temperature between 50 degrees- 160 degrees F. Leave plugged in year round and eliminate any worries of under or over heating your material.

The Drum Blanket Heater can plug together up to 5 barrel heater blankets and 20 5 gallon bucket heater blankets on 1 20 amp plug.

The 2'x2' can be used on top or bottom to bring material to temperature ever faster. power blanket tote heaters are costume made per customers request.

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