Drip Sentinel Drum Pump Funnel

Drip Sentinel Drum Pump Funnel
  • Designed to fit 55 gallon tight-head drums
  • Works with most drum pumps
  • Polyethylene construction with metal mesh strainer
  • The Drip Sentinel™ Drum Pump Funnel catches liquids that spilled or splashed during pumping. Liquids are redirected back into the drum through a metal screen in the 3/4" bung opening. Drip Sentinel™ quickly pays for itself by salvaging liquids that would normally be lost and by decreasing the danger of slip and fall accidents. Molded-in raised rim reduces splashes and spills and its raised ribs provide a clean, flat area to place small containers to be filled. Works with any drum pump that threads into the 2" bung opening with its spout positioned over the central portion of the Drip Sentinel™ and clears the top of the Drip Sentinel™ may be used. 24" O.D. x 20" I.D., 2.75" H exterior, 2" H iteriror.

    Description: Drip Sentinel Drum Pump Funnel
    Wt: 3 lbs.

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