Drainmate Superfunnels

Drainmate Superfunnels

Item Number# 8EXT2000
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  • Mount on any closed-head 55 gallon steel drum
  • Multi-use, support up to 300 lbs
  • EXT2000 multipurpose drain sink/funnel is equipped with a drain tube that contains an anti-spill valve which will minimize the chance of overfilling the drum. The funnels large 24” x 24” x 8” deep size fits on top of any 55 gal drum and is made from heavy duty 20-gauge steel. Supplied steel drainage grid suspends parts off bottom to allow for efficient draining. Holds up to 30 used oil filters for hot draining which is currently mandated by the US EPA prior to disposal. It can also be used to drain empty plastic oil containers. When used in conjunction with a parts washer, it extends the life of the solvent and pays for itself in just a few months. Draining parts prior to rinsing them in the parts washing solvent will greatly extend the life of the parts washing solvent. Use to drain absorbents filled with liquid contaminated waste. Liquids drain into the drum allowing the dry solids to be disposed of easily and inexpensively.

    Description: Superfunnel
    Capacity: 5 gal
    Wt: 20 lbs.

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