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Life Latch 6.5 Gallon Screw Top Food Grade Buckets & Lids 3 Pack
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1 Case of Three(3) 6.5 Gallon Life-Latch Buckets With Screw Top Style Lids
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The Only Quick Closing That Can Compete with a Salesman Keep products secure with this white 6.5-gallon bucket with a screw-on lid that is blue in color and has a unique trigger mechanism to automatically secure the lid when closing.

Built-in plastic handle for convenient carrying Removable and reusable plastic cover FDA compliant food storage containers: Made of high-density polyethylene Easy finger activated release for easy opening of the lid UN Rated screw-top plastic containers for hazardous materials* *IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is designed, manufactured and certified to meet UN requirements for shipping hazardous materials under DOT 49 CFR with UN rating of 1H2/Y30/S. Call our Customer Service Experts at 800.560.2334

Fully child-resistant and senior-friendly. UN and DOT-35 approved Plastic Pails.

The unit includes the re-useable plastic pail with a built-in plastic handle, and a removable and re-useable plastic cover.

The Plastic Cover has a unique trigger mechanism to automatically secure the lid when closing, and

has an easy finger-activated release to allow the cover to be opened.

Plastic Pails are white and covers are available in white, red, and blue.

Available Sizes; .6 Gal 1.25 Gal 2 Gal 2.5 Gal 3.5 Gal 5 Gal 5.5 Gal 6.5 Gal 11.3 Gal

Need to hold a lot of chemicals, dry goods or other materials but want to put a hold on unwanted openings?

Screw-Top Plastic Pails feature the innovative trigger mechanism to automatically secure the cover that is tamper-evident, senior-friendly and child-resistant, yet easy to open and reseal.

Plus the lid features an Air-tight, moisture-resistant seal. Along with this great new feature, you and your customers will find this pail offers great stackability and pours liquid without dripping. UN-Rated.


  • Capacity 6 1/2 Gallon
  • Color White
  • Material HDPE
  • Solid UN Rating 1H2/X11.5/S, 1H2/Y30/S
  • Type Round
  • Weight 2.81 lbs
  • Diameter 11 1/4"
  • Height 18 3/4"
  • Thickness 90 Mil
  • Standards UN Rated, FDA Compliant

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