Food Grade Buckets. Life Latch 3.5 Gallon Screw Top-3 Pack

Food Grade Buckets. Life Latch 3.5 Gallon Screw Top-3 Pack

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Note: White LIDS are out of stock!

Fully child-resistant and senior friendly. UN and DOT-35 approved Plastic Pails.

Unit includes the re-useable plastic pail with built-on plastic handle, and a removable and re-useable plastic cover.

The Plastic Cover has a unique trigger mechanism to automatically secure the lid when closing, and

has an easy finger-activated release to allow the cover to be opened.

Plastic Pails are white and covers are available in white, red, and blue .Shipping Information


Available Sizes;  .6 Gal   1.25 Gal   2 Gal  2.5 Gal   3.5 Gal  5 Gal   5.5 Gal   6.5 Gal  11.3 Gal


Need to hold a lot of chemicals, dry goods or other materials but want to put a hold on unwanted openings?

Screw-Top Plastic Pails feature the innovative trigger mechanism to automatically secure the cover that is tamper-evident, senior friendly and child resistant,

yet easy to open and reseal.

Plus the lid features a vacuum-tight, moisture-resistant seal. Along with this great new feature, you and your customers will find this pail offers great stackability

and pours liquid without dripping. UN-Rated

3.5 Gallon

Life Latch® Container

Senior Friendly / Child Resistant

U.N. Certified for 41 lb. Solid - 1H2/Y19/S/yr. of mfg. USA/M&M. The 3.5 Gallon is uniquely designed for 41 lb. or more of hazardous or solid product for which U.N. Certification is necessary. In many cases, the easy-to-use lid is ideal for products which do not require the U.N. certification but a product ideal for consumers.

This Life Latch®

containers come with Sure Seal - special products Sure-Seal gasket for products that need to breathe, for extra-fine chemicals, or can hold high-viscosity
liquids - U.N. certification for solids only.


Outside Top Diameter (inches) 14.17

Inside Top Diameter (inches)11.97

Outside Height (inches) w/ cover10.62

Inside Height (inches)9.40

Outside Bottom Diameter (inches)11.04

Inside Bottom Diameter (inches)10.96

Cubic Inches808

Approved for Kilograms19

Number Per Pallet192

Truckload Quantity(53-foot truck)6,528

Lid Colors Red (PMS 186) White Blue (PMS 300)

Custom Colors Available Yes

Printing Plates (inches)5.625 x 34.25

Pail Pallet (410 lb.)192Pails/Pallet

Lid Pallet (521 lb.)432 Lids/Pallet

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