Barrel Covers for 30 Gallon Drum<br>Heavy Duty FDA Plastic (COVER ONLY)

Barrel Covers for 30 Gallon Drum
Heavy Duty FDA Plastic (COVER ONLY)

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Barrel Covers for 30 Gallon Drum
Heavy Duty FDA Plastic (COVER ONLY) Diameter 20 1/4

This 30 Gallon Cover has a seamless polyethylene, FDA compliant material. Made strong with a rigid, & tough polyethylene covers for steel, plastic or fiber drums are one-piece molded with no seam or joints to catch dirt or harbor bacteria.
Covers are completely flat across the top with a 1 1/2" protective flange. Covers are loose fitting. These can fit on open-head drums with covers removed or tight-head drums.

Tough, Rigid, and Heavy Duty These coverings are molded in one piece, with no seams or joints to collect dirt or bacteria.

The top of the covers is completely flat, with a 1 1/2" protective flange. Fits steel, plastic, or fiber barrels up to 30 gallons. Use with open head drums that have had their covers removed or closed head drums. diameter 20 1/4


  • Item Includes: (1) 30 Gallon Drum Cover ONLY
  • Fits Drum Size:30 Gallon Open or Tight-Head Barrel 19" Diameter
  • Cover Diameter (in.):19 3/4"
  • Cover Weight: 1.5 lb.
  • Cover Height: 1 1/2"
  • Cover Thickness:6 Mil
  • Cover Color:Natural
  • Cover Material:LLDPE
  • Food Grade Standards:FDA Compliant
  • Note:Covers are loose fitting over the edges of the Drum. Not to be used for transporting goods. For Stationary purposes only.

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about Barrel Covers for 30 Gallon Drum
Heavy Duty FDA Plastic (COVER ONLY)

Question: Does the cover fit snugly on 30-gallon drums? by Jenny H.
Answer: Yes, the cover fits securely on 30-gallon drums while still being easy to remove and replace.
Question: Is the drum cover resistant to cracking or breaking? by Rob C.
Answer: Absolutely, the LLDPE material ensures high durability and resistance to cracking or breaking.
Question: Can I use the drum cover for food storage? by Laura D.
Answer: Yes, the drum cover is FDA compliant, making it safe for food storage.
Question: Is the drum cover heavy? by Sam B.
Answer: No, despite its sturdiness, the drum cover weighs only 1.5 lbs, making it relatively light and easy to handle.
Question: Can the cover be used for transporting drums? by Emma P.
Answer: The drum cover is recommended for stationary use only, it's not designed for transportation of drums.
Question: Is the cover easy to install? by Zach R.
Answer: Yes, the loose-fitting design of the cover makes it very easy to install.
Question: Does the drum cover come in any other colors? by Sophia T.
Answer: Currently, the drum cover is only available in a natural color.
Question: How thick is the cover? by Alex G.
Answer: The drum cover has a thickness of 6 Mil, providing excellent protection to the drum contents.

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Heavy Duty FDA Plastic (COVER ONLY)
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