16 Gal Steel Drum Open-head-black

16 Gal Steel Drum Open-head-black

Item Number# 8CQ1602
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The 8CQ1602 is a new UN Rated black 16 gallon open head steel drum with a rust inhibitor enamel. This steel drum has a white cover with a EPDM rubber gasket and Your choice of a bolt ring or Lever Lock closure.

A bolt ring is a closure ring that holds the cover on to the body of the container by encompassing the cover and the top of the container in a groove. This ring is then tightened by a bolt that pulls the ends of the rings together.

A lever-Lock is an easy open lever for frequency opened drums.

This 16 gallon steel drum meets strict wall thickness requirements, 0.9/0.9/0.9 mm (top/body/bottom) 20 gauge ASTM grade carbon steel, and is tested for strength and durability.

  1. Ideal for storage and transportation purposes
  2. Open head containers (1A2 drums) have a removable cover creating convenient access to the inside of the drum
  3. Rust inhibitor enamel prevents the drum from rusting prior to being filled. It is not intended to act as a lining
  4. Include a white cover with a EPDM rubber gasket and a bolt ring (12 Gauge w/4" Bolt & 5/8" Nut) closure

  5. Material: Carbon steel (CS) is an alloy made of iron and carbon known for a cost-effective alloying material. There are four types of carbon steel that vary in strength level: low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, and very high carbon steel. Engine parts, car body panels, and good quality knives are made from carbon steel.

    RUST INHIBITOR LINING Part Number: 8CQ1602
    Volume: 16 Gallons
    Style: Open Head
    Material: Carbon Steel UN Solid#: 1A2/X200/S OR UN Liquid#: 1A2/Y1.5/150
    Thickness (top/body/bottom): 0.9/0.9/0.9
    Fittings and/or Gasket: EPDM
    Closure:(OH)Bolt Ring OR (OH) Lever Lock +5.00
    Exterior Color: Black with White Cover
    Interior: Standard Rust Inhibitor
    Weight: 19 Lbs
    Inside Diamater: 14 Inches | Inside Height: 25.6 Inches


  • Capacity;16 gal.
  • Condition;New
  • Color; Black w/ White Cover
  • Material;Carbon Steel
  • Closure;Cover w/Bolt Ring Closure Or Easy Open Lever-Lock
  • Lining;Rust Inhibitor Enamel
  • Steel Thickness; 0.9/0.9/0.9 (Top/Body/Bottom)
  • Steel Gauge;20/20/20 (Top/Body/Bottom)
  • Fittings;None
  • Gasket;EPDM Rubber Gasket
  • Dimensions;14” Dia. x 25.6” H (inside) / 14.3” Dia. x 26.88” H (outside)
  • Pallet Pack ;27 drums
  • Country of Manufacture Model CQ1602 UN Rating Liquid UN1A2/Y1.5/150 UN Rating Solid UN1A2/X200/S

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  16 gal barrel , By: ,
I do not know how this drum could be any better than it is. A great product, with great service and exceptional delivery time.
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