12 Gallon Straight Side - Seamless Drum Liners 10 Pack

12 Gallon Straight Side - Seamless Drum Liners 10 Pack

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12 Gallon Straight Side - Seamless Drum Liners 10 Pack

Because of their highly consistent and non-warping characteristics, straight-sided steel seamless drum liners perfectly fit the inside of the 12-gallon open-top, open-head steel drums. The contoured, molded, top lip ensures that it fits closely to the top of the drum. 15 mil, low-density polyethylene compliant vacuum formed from FDA (LDPE).

  • This straight side liner has a rigid smooth wall that can be easily inserted and regenerated in full; ideal for new drums.
  • Reduce the cost of drum purification and disposal
  • Remove contamination of the product
  • Reduce drum cleaning and disposal costs
  • Eliminate product contamination
  • Perfectly conform to the inside of the drum and the molded contoured top lip ensures a tight fit to the top rim of the drum.
  • Thermo-formed from FDA-Compliant low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

  • Note: Using any liner not originally fitted with the liner in an UN-certified drum invalidates the certification of the manufacturing company. The liner installed must be recertified by the user.

    Straight-Side Liners have a rigid smooth wall that is easy to insert and obtain full product recovery; ideal for use with new drums.

    Pleated-Side Liners have an "accordion" wall that adjusts to fit drums of different heights; specially designed for use with reconditioned drums.

    Anti-Static Liners are pink in color and are molded with a special static-dissipating agent that is intended as an aid to the reduction of static build-up.

    Caution: Anti-Static Liners are not designed as, and should not be used as, the primary controller of static electricity in a process. Anti-stat liners should not be used in electrostatic coating systems or other highly volatile areas. Please consult your safety engineer, safety consultant, or call Customer Service at 888.460.DRUM(3786) if there is any question as to the appropriateness of use.

    Note: Use of any liner in an UN-certified drum or not originally equipped with the liner invalidates the manufacturer’s certification. The user must re-certify the drum with the liner installed.

  • Case Qty: 10
  • Drum Size: 12 gal.
  • Thickness: 15 mil
  • Style: Straight
  • Case Wt.:10 lb.
  • Specifications

    • Capacity 12 Gallon
    • Color Natural
    • Material LDPE
    • Type Rigid, Straight Sided
    • Thickness 15 Mil
    • Diameter 13 3/8"
    • Height 19"
    • Case Qty 10
    • Standards FDA Compliant

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