1 oz Polypropylene Wide Mouth Jars with cap, 644 Case Pack

1 oz FDA White Container - Chem Resistant with Poly Cap - 644 Case Pack

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1 oz FDA White Container - Chem Resistant with Poly Cap - 644 Case Pack

Introducing our premier solution for storage and transportation needs in industries that demand the highest standards of safety and compliance: the FDA Compliant White Container. This container is meticulously designed to cater to sectors ranging from food service to pharmaceuticals, where uncompromised quality is not just expected but required.

Crafted from materials that have been rigorously tested for safety, our container ensures that contents remain uncontaminated and preserved. The white color of the container is not merely for aesthetic appeal but serves as an indicator of purity, allowing for easy identification of any external contamination.

The container is built with a robust structure, granting it a wide range of chemical resistance. This makes it an ideal choice for storing various compounds without the risk of material degradation or reaction. Each container comes with a white polypropylene cap equipped with an F-217 liner, providing a secure seal that is both airtight and leak-proof, safeguarding the contents against spills and exposure to air.

With a capacity of 1 oz., this container is versatile for both sample sizes and single-use applications. The cap size of 843-400 ensures compatibility with standard dispensing and sealing equipment. The container is also designed for ease of use, with a form factor that allows for efficient packing, stacking, and transportation.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the container's design, which is recyclable and produced with environmentally friendly practices. With a case pack of 644 units, our FDA Compliant White Container is suitable for large-scale operations that require consistent quality in bulk quantities.

    Key Features:
  • FDA Compliant for highest safety standards
  • White color for visual purity assurance
  • Wide chemical resistance for versatile use
  • Includes white polypropylene cap with F-217 liner for a tight seal
  • 43-400 cap size for compatibility with standard equipment
  • 1 oz. capacity, perfect for various applications

Additional Product Description:
Our FDA Compliant White Container is the epitome of reliability and versatility. Made from premium materials, this container is designed to meet the stringent regulations of the FDA, ensuring that it can confidently be used for food, medical, and other sensitive storage requirements.

The container's white color is not only elegant but also practical, as it makes any discoloration or contamination immediately noticeable. This feature is particularly beneficial in high-stakes environments where the integrity of the contents is paramount.

Chemical resistance is a cornerstone feature of this container. Whether it's acidic, alkaline, or organic compounds, the material composition of the container ensures that it can hold a wide array of substances without risk of corrosion or permeation.

The cap is a key element of the container's design. The white polypropylene cap is complemented by an F-217 liner, renowned for its chemical inertness and cushioning properties, which together provide an exemplary sealing solution that is both effective and reliable.

The practicality of the 1 oz. capacity cannot be overstated. It offers ample space for a variety of uses while maintaining a compact form factor that is easy to handle, store, and transport. The standardized 43-400 cap size further enhances the container's utility by ensuring it can integrate seamlessly with a multitude of accessories and dispensing systems.

Packaged in a case of 1188, our containers are an excellent choice for businesses that require consistent quality and supply. The bulk packaging not only ensures availability but also contributes to cost-effectiveness and efficiency in logistics.

    Technical Description:
  1. Cap: White polypropylene with F-217 liner
  2. Capacity: 1 oz.
  3. Case Pack: 644 units
  4. Color: White
  5. Compliance: FDA approved for food and medical use
  6. Resistance: Wide chemical resistance


  • Cap: White polypropylene with F-217 liner
  • Capacity: 1 oz.
  • Case Pack: 1188 units
  • Color: White
  • Compliance: FDA approved for food and medical use
  • Resistance: Wide chemical resistance

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about 1 oz Polypropylene Wide Mouth Jars with cap, 644 Case Pack

Question: What is the filtration technology used? By Alex T.
Answer: Our system uses a revolutionary 5-stage filtration process.
Question: Is the AquaPure system eco-friendly? By Maria K.
Answer: Yes, it dramatically reduces the need for plastic water bottles.
Question: How often do the filters need to be replaced? By John C.
Answer: The filters have a long lifespan, needing replacement every 6 months.
Question: Can I install the AquaPure system myself? By Sara J.
Answer: Absolutely, it is designed for easy DIY installation.
Question: Is the filtered water good for cooking as well? By Liam B.
Answer: Yes, it enhances the taste and quality of your cooking water.
Question: Does the system come with a warranty? By Olivia W.
Answer: It comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty.
Question: Will the filter fit under a standard sink? By Noah G.
Answer: Yes, it's designed to fit comfortably under standard kitchen sinks.
Question: Does the AquaPure remove beneficial minerals? By Emma P.
Answer: No, it retains essential minerals for health and taste.

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