Water Bags & Water Bladders

Water Bags & Water Bladders
The AQUANK-2 Water Storage Tank / Bladder

Lightweight Water Tank / Bladder Is Great For Emergency Use and Long-term Home Water Storage!

  • Ideal for water storage in an emergency situation or water storage in your home.
  • Great for Camping, Cabins, or Bug-Out Locations. Made and warrantied for a static environment - if you need to move it, please make sure to secure it tightly and keep it away from sharp objects.
  • Is Odorless and won't give your water a strange taste or smell like PVC and plastic tanks or bladders.
  • VERY Portable - Even the largest AQUATANK2 weighs less than 5lbs. empty and comes in a small box for easy storage! The High Capacity, Portability, and Food-Grade Benefits of the AQUATANK-2 Make It a Great Addition to Your Emergency Supplies!

    You can fill your AQUATANK-2 on-site to keep a lot of water in a small space. Knowing that it is made of a Food-Grade Inner Liner and a durable outer shell, you can rest assured that it will be puncture resistant and last for many years. You can even reuse it over and over (unlike those single-use tub bladders) and you don't have to take your tub out of commission to use it! Dimensions (When Full)

  • (15 Gallon) 24"W x 36"L x 8"H
  • (30 Gallon) 36"W x 36"L x 14"H
  • (60 Gallon) 36"W x 48"L x 16"H
  • (150 Gallon) 48"W x 72"L x 12"H
  • (300 Gallon) 54"W x 144"L x 12"H The AQUATANK-2 Is Very Easy to Use!

    Water Tank Bladders are collapsible flexible water bag storage tanks that provide temporary as well as long-term water storage. They are useful for potable water storage and grey water transport as well as fresh water storage.

    Water Bladder Tanks and Water Storage Bags are designed for land-based operations. The Aqua Tank II Water Storage Bladder and Water Bags are built to withstand the harsh environment of the bed of a pickup, Boat and RV Use. Standard sizes Water Bladder Bags range from 30 gallons to 300 gallons capacity and larger custom water bags are available.

    We have many water storage bladders in stock now and ready for shipment.

    Our Bladders are Perfect for Emergency water storage in the event of a storm, Hurricane, Earth Quake, Snow Storm, flood or zombie apocalypse..Just kidding about the last one. It never hurts to be prepared for all Emergencies.

    Remember We Have Free Shipping On All Water Storage Bladders and Water Bags.
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