Ultra Global Funnel

Ultra Global Funnel

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Ultra Global Funnel

The sturdy polyethylene funnel has a 22-inch-wide "target" area that can hold up to five gallons. The zigzag channels allow filters, paint cans, buckets, and bottles to drain passively while remaining upright.

The horseshoe shape of the drum allows for the installation of a pop-up fill gauge (sold separately) to monitor the liquid level inside the drum. It also includes an integrated spout that fits directly into the 2 inch bung opening. To keep contaminants out, this model has a hinged lid.

This "one-of-a-kind" funnel fits snugly on 55 gallon drums of varying sizes. It is designed to fit nearly every 55 gallon tight head steel or polyethylene drum manufactured anywhere in the world.

  • 5 gallon capacity
  • LDPE
  • Fits 55 gallon steel or plastic closed-head drums.
  • Funnel with spout and hinged lid
  • BIG pouring area, holds five gallons
  • Prevents overspills and splashes

  • This "one of a kind" funnel fits tightly on 55 gallon drums with varying diameters. No more wobbles or tips! Rugged, polyethylene funnel offers a 22" wide "target" area, holds up to five gallons. Zigzag channels allow filters, paint cans, buckets and bottles to remain upright while draining passively. Horseshoe design feature allows installation of a Pop-Up Fill Gauge (Mode D5 or D11, sold separately) for accurate monitoring of liquid level inside the drum to prevent messy overfilling.

    8UGF499 also includes a lockable cover for secure drum management and to prevent contamination of contents.

    1. Description: Global Funnel w/Spout & Hinged Lid
    2. Wt: 14 lb.
    3. Capacity: 5 gallon
    4. LDPE
    5. Fits 55 gallon closed-head steel or plastic drums
    6. Funnel w/spout & hinged lid


    • Capacity 5 Gallon
    • Material Polyethylene
    • Color Yellow
    • Length 11"
    • Diameter 29"
    • Weight 17 lbs

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